Minister of Transport and Communications works in Con Dao district

Friday - 31/05/2019 09:31
'Expanding Con Dao airport, urgently on the basis of calculating the absolute safety'. That is the affirmation of Mr. Nguyen Van The - Minister of Transport (GT-VT) at the meeting with the leaders of Ba Ria - Vung Tau (BR-VT) and Con Dao district on infrastructure development. Con Dao airport and seaport.
The delegation of the Ministry of Transport surveyed the actual situation at Con Son airport
Report from Con Dao district said: Con Dao airport was built from the French period. In 2004, Southern Airport Corporation invested to upgrade Con Dao airport to level 3C and military grade II to meet the requirements of receiving ATR72 and F70 aircraft and equivalent to 1.830m long take off runway, 30m wide, 4 yard parking aircraft, station area of ​​3,792m2 ensure 200 passengers at the same time. Operation time 12/24 hour, the capacity of 400 thousand passengers / year. Vietnam Air Service Company (VASCO) is currently operating this airport with Con Dao-Ho Chi Minh City and Con Dao-Can Tho routes.
However, in recent years, the number of tourists coming to Con Dao in the following year increased from 25 to 30% over the previous year. Guests need to fly a lot but do not buy tickets. Con Dao has 4-5 months of rough seas, passenger ships cannot be shipped, while airways are overloaded, making customers stay on the island longer than planned.
Currently, air routes have not met the travel demand between the island and the mainland yet of tourists and local people.
At the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen, Head of the National Assembly Delegation, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said: Con Dao is likened to the altar of the Fatherland. Con Dao has been approved by the Prime Minister at the national level. This place is a red address to educate the revolutionary tradition and patriotism for generations of Vietnamese people and attract international tourists ... In order to sustainably orient this orientation, BR-VT province eager to expand in the direction of extending the runway of Con Dao airport to improve the capacity of receiving large aircraft. On the local side, it will support and create the most favorable conditions for relevant ministries to implement the project.
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van The - Minister of Transport emphasized: The characteristics of Con Dao airport are different from all airports in the country such as: land access from the sea, the runway Shortly, both sides of the runway are mountains, often with strong winds when the weather is bad ... so the above factors must be carefully calculated and at the same time, the basis of the Planning of transport development in the key economic region of the By 2020, the orientation to 2030 has been approved by the Prime Minister in 2015 so that when completing the upgrade, expansion, Con Dao airport will ensure absolute safety, suitable planning and meeting development needs, avoiding the situation of newly put into use projects must continue to upgrade, expand, causing waste and bad public opinion . I support Con Dao airport expansion; expanding runways and parking lots, etc. In order to deploy upgrading Co Ong airport, the adjustment of Con Dao general construction planning must be approved by the Government. BR-VT Province has made great efforts to coordinate with the Ministry of Transport and Construction and the Ministry of Construction to advise the Government to approve the adjustment of the general construction planning of Con Dao to serve as a basis for the Ministry of Planning and Investment to implement the expenditure plan about traffic details.
Concluding at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Be assigned Vietnam Aviation Department within 3 months to complete the detailed plan of Co Ong airport. Vietnam Airlines Corporation has a project with a design capacity of 4 to 5 million passengers per year and synchronous functional items in order to welcome the development and growth of tourists to Con Dao in 5-10 years half. Proposing the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee to take advantage of ministries and branches to have a common voice to propose the Government to quickly adopt the relevant guidelines and legal basis for the Ministry of GT-VT to start implementing procedures and sections speeding up the project to upgrade Con Dao airport quickly.
Previously, the working group of the Ministry of Transport and BR-VT province had a field survey in the area of ​​Con Dao Airport.

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