Preserve and promote the special values of Con Dao national monuments associated with tourism development

Friday - 31/05/2019 09:24
In the afternoon of April 26, in Con Dao district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau People's Committee (BR-VT) organized a workshop "Preserving and promoting the values of Con Dao special national monuments associated with strengthening the governance tourism, tourism development”.
Attending the seminar were Mr. Tran Dinh Khoa, Vice President of Provincial People's Council; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee attended the meeting with nearly 100 delegates from ministries, sectors, tourism associations, experts, scientists, businesses, leaders of departments, People's Committees of Con district. Island and former political prisoner Con Dao. At the workshop, the experts have made speeches on the potential, real situation and given many suggestions and solutions in the preservation and promotion of the special values ​​of Con Dao national relics associated with enhance tourism development.
 Addressing the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, mentioned 5 main contents that BR-VT province wants experts and scientists to focus on discussing in the direction to properly assess the potential, real situation, seek solutions to develop Con Dao tourism in a sustainable manner on the basis of preserving, preserving and promoting the special values ​​of Con Dao national monuments.
In the report on potentials, current situation and solutions of Con Dao tourism development in association with the tourism development strategy of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Mr. Le Van Phong, Chairman of Con Dao District People's Committee said that the National Tourist Area Con Dao has 24 relics attractions, 22 scenic spots. The province and district have identified the main types of tourism in Con Dao including: high-class resorts, conferences and seminars - scientific research, traditional education and tourism, festival and spiritual tourism, ecological.
In recent years, the number of tourists coming to the island district has been increasing because the means of transport connecting the island and the mainland has become more and more convenient. In 2018, there were over 280 thousand visitors to Con Dao; tourism revenue reached more than 1,300 billion VND. The strong growth of tourism has had a positive impact on the socio-economic life, creating many jobs for local workers and creating investment attraction, helping the district have more choices in socio-economic development.
However, a sudden increase in the number of tourists also creates some pressure on infrastructure, accommodation conditions, environmental protection, protection and preservation of relics, difficulties in electricity and water supply.
The comments presented at the seminar highly appreciated the potentials and advantages of Con Dao both in nature and the values ​​of the historical relic system. But according to experts, in order to bring into full play the potential of Con Dao, it needs synchronous investment in all aspects: human resources, infrastructure, restoration, restoration and protection of relics, environmental protection. The most important is still retaining the core values ​​of Con Dao.
 In the perspective of tourism experts, Dr. Ha Van Sieu, Deputy General Director of Tourism said, Con Dao is a special relic, with special attraction, so it must have special behavior of ministries. , Central, provincial, district and population communities as well as visitors. Mr. Super said that currently in Con Dao, tourism is the main motivation to preserve and promote historical values. He also warned that rapid growth is often associated with challenges and risks, so the pressure on relics and ecological environment needs to be taken into account. Mr. Sieu proposed that in order for Con Dao to develop sustainably in the direction of high quality, it should not develop massively and spontaneously, thus breaking the cultural and historical space and pristine ecosystem of the locality.
 In the perspective of environmental experts, Ms. Hoang Thanh Nguyet, chief of the Office of Environmental Protection Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said that with more and more favorable conditions of means from the mainland to Con Dao, the amount Domestic and foreign tourists who come to visit and relax in recent years increase suddenly as a favorable condition for Con Dao to develop tourism services. However, it also entails environmental issues, BR - VT Province and Con Dao District should have solutions to solve decisively and promptly, ensuring Con Dao sustainable development.
Experts from Vietnam Tourism Association and former Con Dao political prisoners suggested that the locality must be very careful in exploiting the relics. Traditional values ​​must be kept as this is the core of Con Dao. For Con Dao, tourism is the main source of revenue and motivation to develop other sectors and through tourism to have funds to preserve the relics. Besides, to preserve both the cultural and natural environment to supplement the value of the monuments.
 In addition, the opinions of the experts also said that BR-VT province as well as Con Dao district must pay attention to the development of human resources for tourism because the human resources for Con Dao tourism are weak and lacking. Besides, to quickly find the source of electric energy for developing Con Dao. Must define
Receiving the opinions of experts at the seminar, Mr. Trinh Hang - Director of the Department of Tourism said that he will continue with the relevant departments, branches and Con Dao district authorities to continue advising the provincial leaders to have prizes. France, timely action plan to protect the environment, preserve and promote the values of special national monuments, so that Con Dao becomes an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

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