Con Dao 1992 clay pot roasted chicken – a super delicious famous eating house must try when coming to Con Dao

Sunday - 18/06/2023 16:31
Roasted chicken is a dish that most people love. If you are also a fan of roasted chicken, do not miss the 1992 eating house in Con Dao - the place is highly appreciated by many tourists and locals for its quality and service attitude.
On hot or chilly days in Con Dao, what could be better than calling a few close friends, going to a smoky restaurant, sit and enjoy with some cool beer? As if understanding that, the 1992 eating house was established, with a spacious and airy space in the center of town with a diverse and attractive menu with many unique dishes.

The eating house attracts diners perhaps due to the secret of roasting, the chicken here does not dry out, still retains the wetness, tenderness, and chewiness of the meat, slightly different from other roasting methods. The chicken is not left whole, but the eating house usually chops it into bite-sized pieces for diners. Coming to 1992, do not forget to order puffed fried sticky rice or you will regret it. The puffed fried rice here is always hot and have to blow and eat at the same time. Only then can you feel all the crunch of sticky rice, and the fatty taste of coconut milk mixed with glutinous and green beans.


Besides clay pot roasted chicken, the eating house also has many extremely attractive dishes such as flower shells sauced with salted egg, golden coated shrimps, stuffed shells, deep-fried salted pork… You can choose from all kinds of shells, together with octopus, shrimps, and squids. The plus point for the house is that you can personally choose fresh shells for the owner to cook for you.



*** A note when eating at eating house 1992: because each day the eating house only grills a limited number of chickens to ensure quality and full taste. Therefore, you should call the house to order in advance so that the house can prepare well, guests just need to enjoy the party!
Contact Info

    + 1992 Eating house
    + Address: 79 Vo Thi Sau Street, in front of Con Dao House, you may google Quan Bep 1992 (Vietnamese name)   
    + Phone: 0908088909/ 035965466


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