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Referring to Con Dao cuisine, people often think of dishes from fresh seafood. But in addition to seafood, this place also has a very delicious snack, which is Con Dao Coconut Ice Cream.
Con Dao Coconut Ice Cream
Walking around Con Dao, it is not difficult to see the idyllic ice cream carts and ice cream shops called "Con Dao Coconut Ice Cream". The reason for this name is because ice cream is made from coconuts, which are typical in Con Dao, so it has a very unique flavor, attracting diners. The reason Con Dao ice cream has its own flavor is because it retains the essence of ice cream ingredients, which are flour, milk and coconut milk, handmade, without overusing industrial flavor. Ingredients for making ice cream are selected very carefully. Coconut to get milk is dried coconut, has thick and white rice, absolutely do not use dried coconut, has a strange smell; Coconut to make coconut grind must have moderate dryness, so coconut cream has the fat and aroma of coconut.
Diners enjoy coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream satisfies both sight, taste and smell for diners when coming here. After enjoying the skillful coconut chopping performance of the ice cream owner, diners will enjoy delicious coconut ice cream. The gentle aroma of coconut cream faintly adds the fatty taste of coconut, peanuts, and the sweetness of condensed milk. The plus point of this dish is both flexible and soft, the cream texture is smooth, not crushed, the taste is not too sweet. Each ice cream is smoky, fragrant, and greasy, making visitors eager to enjoy. Try sipping a spoon, the sweet ice cream melts on the tip of the tongue, blended with the taste of Con Dao coconut, with milk and peanuts. Not to mention when eating ice cream, diners can also eat a fat, fresh, and delicious coconut, the delicious blend must be very mouth-watering and unforgettable.
Coconut ice cream shop is crowded with customers
The route  Pham Van Dong  is home to many coconut ice cream shops in Con Dao. Some customers even ordered to pack boxes and send them to the mainland to eat to avoid addiction. In the tourist season, they sells without rest. The coconut used as a coconut is the one that is flexible, has fat, is halved, and drains the water out. The coconut is picked up and then scooped up the cream, then put in milk, peanuts, and that's it. Coconut water is poured into a large mug next to it, whoever wants to drink it, pour it into a glass and drink it, as much as you like, it's okay to drink without buying ice cream. Coconut island has small fruit, not much water, but very sweet, fragrant and sweet after drinking for a long time. The interesting thing is that many tourists eat one fruit and then another.

The glass of coconut ice cream is full

If I had to vote for a memorable dish when I left Con Dao, coconut ice cream would be the top candidate. If you want to try a new dish or simply want to keep up with the trend, don't miss this dish! And be careful, because maybe you will be addicted to this ice cream!

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