Forest grape Wine - A Con Dao speciality

Sunday - 20/11/2022 17:48
In Con Dao, people often use forest grapes to make extremely delicious wine. Because the forest grape season in Con Dao only lasts from September to the end of October, if you want to buy, you should’ve can come here at this time to find easier.
Con Dao forest grape wine is made from a wild plant growing in the forest. This is a fruit that will be green when unripe, and will be extremely beautiful red when ripe, on the other hand. Forest grapes are very popular with local people because they are not only delicious but also good for health.
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Con Dao Forest Grape

It is no exaggeration to say that forest grape - wine is also categorized as one of the "Con Dao specialty". At first, when discovering forest grapes, the Con Dao people only knew how to harvest and use them for drinking because of their deliciousness. Gradually, forest grape – wine, which was born, attracted many people by its extremely attractive taste. Therefore, from then on, forest grape - wine became a popular drink in Con Dao and was developed into a brand by many shops.
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Unripe forest grape 

Visiting Con Dao, tourists may wonder what to buy as a souvernir. Then let’s think about these delicious bottles of forest grape wine, with a guanrantee that satisfy everyone. The reason is that Con Dao forest grape - wine is one of the favorite drinks of a lot of people. This wine not only has a delicious taste but also very good for health, especially, forest grape - wine has a very effective weight loss effect
Firstly , to talk about the forest grape, this is a species of tree that grows wildly in the forest, with small fruits in clusters. Young fruit is green, when ripe it turns from red to purple.
Fresh grapes are the part that people use for food and medicine. Forest grapes start to bear fruit in July every year, the fruit ripens gradually in September and can be harvested. The ripe, dark grapes will be harvested to make wine.
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Ripe forest grape

In the past, this was just a wild plant, people came into tthe forest and found out that the fruit had a delicious taste, moreover, when it was soaked in wine, it also had a great taste. Gradually, people brought trees home and take care of them, which gave fruit effectively. However, people now prefer forest grapes because they are clean and completely natural. At the first time, people soaked forest grape - wine just to drink at home. Forest grape - wine tastes good with unique smell, and has the effect of skin care, so the Con Dao people develop products commercially and sell them to tourists.
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Con Dao forest grape - wine
To process Con Dao forest grape wine, people here often have to go deep into the forest and start harvesting from September. After harvesting, they begin to pick up all the grape stalks and wash them. When the water is drained, it will be soaked in the ratio of 1kg of fresh fruit and 2 liters of 45-degree wine. A special feature when choosing fruit to soak Con Dao forest grape wine is that you have to choose ripe and black fruit instead of bright red. With that, the wine after soaking for 1 month will have a delicious taste, not too sour.
Once enjoying Con Dao Forest Grape Wine, you will definitely be completely captivated by the unique flavor of this wine. The wine is dark purple, not too pungent or unpleasant smell. Con Dao forest grape wine has a mild smell, tastes little sweet, bitter and slightly spicy enough to make you drunk. In addition, the inherent sourness of forest grapes also contributes to the unique flavor of this wine. It can be said that forest grape wine is a meaningful and economical Con Dao souvenir that you can consider buying as a gift for your family and friends.
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Source: Thanh Thanh/ Translated by Xuan Da:

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