What to have for breakfast in Con Dao? Top 5 breakfast spots you do not want to miss

Thursday - 02/03/2023 10:33
Coming to Con Dao, you will be immersed in the world of delicious dishes and unique seafood with distinct flavors, not to mention the famous breakfast spots. Have a look at some breakfast stores in Con Dao, find a good place to "gobble" right away!
1. Mrs. Hai Khiem crab paste vermicelli soup store
  • Address: Zone 8, Nguyen Hue Street, Con Dao District
  • Phone number: 0772 888 093-0859 009 695
Mrs. Hai Khiem’s crab paste vermicelli soup - one of the delicious dishes that always retains diners.
Photo: Collector
Crab paste vermicelli soup in this food store is too popular when it is always on the list of famous breakfast ones with delicious dishes and highly appreciated by many people when traveling to Con Dao. Crab paste vermicelli soup in Mrs. Hai Khiem store is special because the broth is made entirely from sea crab. The broth is also  with dried squid from the know-how, so it has its own rich sweetness. Each bowl of vermicelli soup costs from 40,000 VND – 60,000 VND with topping with fish cakes, homemade crab paste. Despite the crowd, the guests are always served thoughtfully and dedicated. And the top quality dishes always win the hearts of even the most fastidious guests.

2. Kebab rice noodles and fish noodle soup
  • Address: Ot Restaurant + Nguyen Van Linh Street, Con Dao District
  • Phone number: 0919 886 776
The restaurant has recently opened but is a favorite place of many visitors to Con Dao and local people because of its spacious, airy and, clean space and e suitability for large groups of people. The grilled pork is warmed up continuously so it is always hot and delicious. The sauce is heated with a harmonious sweet and salty taste, a little garlic, and chili to make it fragrant. You can eat it with grilled pork, vermicelli, and raw vegetables, which will surely satisfy this dish followers.


In addition, the restaurant also serves fish noodle soup and bamboo shoot and duck vermicelli soup for diners to easily choose with an affordable price, a full and delicious meal. Ot restaurant is a worth-trying place for Kebab rice noodles enthusiasts.
3. Vietnamese thick noodle soup with sentinel crab in Con Dao
  • Address: Ngoc food store - Le Hong Phong Street, Con Dao District
  • Hotline: 0913 393 494

If you are still wondering what to have for a good breakfast in Con Dao, the thick noodle soup with sentinel crab will be an ideal suggestion for you. This is a familiar dish of the local people and also receives many "sobbing" compliments from visitors. Come with your loved ones to enjoy the food at the price of 45,000 – 60,000 VND per person.
4. Seafood noodle soup
  • Address: Hoi Ngo store - Pham Van Dong Street, Con Dao District
  • Phone number0975633347


Seafood noodle soup is also one of the delicious breakfast dishes. The extremely quality broth is naturally sweet from many kilograms of simmered pork bones, shrimp, and fresh squid. Noodles are pure white, they are stir-boiled and left to dry off in the bowl with very fresh seafood topping and fatty meatballs.
 Especially seafood noodle soup here is stored in a stone bowl so it is always hot. As a noodle dish fan, you must try it once.
5. Beef rice noodle soup
  • Address: Gia Khang store - Dang Xuan Thieu Street, Zone 7, Con Dao District
  • Phone number0906 890 067
Nestled in a small alley, this is a popular eatery for locals. The bowl of beef noodle soup here is extremely delicious and attractive with full of ingredients such as boiled blood pudding, minced pork, beef shank, beef ball and tasty broth. Besides, when visiting the restaurant, diners can enjoy other dishes such as poached beef with bread or vermicelli and so on.
 In addition, there are many special delicacies in Con Dao that are also extremely impressive and attractive and are ready for you to enjoy. The breakfast list in Con Dao hopefully helps you make the list with delicious, nutritious and unique food options when visiting Con Dao.


Author: My Phuong

Source: condao.com.vn. Translated by: My Phuong.

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