To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of the late General Secretary Le Hong Phong(06/9/1942 – 06/9/2017)

Monday - 27/05/2019 17:48
On the morning of 06/9/2017, the Party, Government, soldiers and people of Con Dao district solemnly held the 75th anniversary of the death General Secretary Le Hong Phong at the Con Dao Temple

By virtue of the "drinking water remember the source" of our nation, at the same time expressed gratitude, the ceremony trubuteed the great merit of revolutionary soldiers and patriotic people who fought bravely and sacrificed in Con Dao.

The leaders of the district are thurifying at the anniversary of the late General Secretary Le Hong Phong

Participants included Mr. Le Van Duc - Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, the former political prisoners of Con Dao, leaders of agencies, mass organizations, armed forces, 10 residential areas, officials, officers and officials of Con Dao Monuments Management.

Comrade Le Hong Phong's real name is Le Huy Doan, born in 1902 and was raised in a family in Hung Nguyen, Nghe An. The son of the land of the "great spiritual masterpiece", who has made great contributions to the restoration of the Party's system, is associated with the challenging and drastic period of the Vietnamese revolution. In 1939, he was arrested by the French colonialists and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Con Dao prison. Le Hong Phong, in spite of the imprisonment regime, demonstrated the quality and capacity of a leader who turned the colonial prison into a revolutionary school where virtues and ideas Revolutionary soldiers are bluffed to make the enemy respected and terrified: "The enemy's sword can cut offcast iron, but it must buckle in front of the courage of the communists." Under the harsh prison regime of Con Dao prison, Mr. Le Hong Phong took seriously ill and breathed his last at the cell number 5 of the Banh II on October 5 06/9/1942. In the last minutes, he sent a message to the Party: "Please send words to the Party, Le Hong Phong remained faithful in the glorious triumph of revolution till the very end."

Today, to commemorate the great work of the comrades, the resounding revolutionary, the outstanding leader of the Party, the son of the Vietnamese nation, a professional revolutionary, an excellent student of President Ho Chi Minh, an enthusiastic international activist. Remembrance and gratitude to Le Hong Phong is extremely important to young generation in Vietnam today. Let live, work and fight inspired of Le Hong Phong, who had lived for the people and the Motherland.

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