Con Dao is ranked on the most peaceful island in Asia

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 00:16
CNN has announced 10 paradise islands of Asia, suitable for travelers who prefer peaceful space, including Con Dao (Vietnam), Palawan (Philippines), Hokkaido (Japan) ...

Con Dao, Vietnam

You can get to Con Dao by flying from Ho Chi Minh City or by boat from Vung Tau city. Con Dao possesses pristine coral reefs, rows of lush and green coconut trees along the coastline, lots of roadway through the forest and beautiful coastal hotels.

Koh Phayam, Thailand

If you want to find a quiet island, away from tourists, go to Koh Phayam, located off the southwest coast of Ranong province, on the Andaman Sea.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is considered a peaceful island, suitable for tourists who do not like crowd. The island is ideal for adventurous mountaineering or trekking through the forest.

Ulleung-Do, Korea

Ulleung is best known for its traditional cuisine, where visitors have the opportunity to eat fresh seafood, grilled organic beef from the cows on the island, and sanchae bibimbap rice.

Palawan, Philippines

Surrounded by many mountains, Palawan is located in the southwestern of the Philippines. This is a very primitive place both natural and human.

Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido, a large island located in northern of Japan, has many peaceful stops, numerous flowering wildlife and abundant fauna.


Tokunoshima, Japan

Tokunoshima is one of the famous diving spots in the northern Japan, located along the western Pacific Ocean. Separate beaches, exotic coastal rock terrains and historic relics from the World War II, all of them are increase the appeal of the island.

Pangkor, Malaysia

The west coast of Pangkor has an unforgettable beauty with stretched white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and some luxurious resorts.

Lampi, Myanmar

Lampi is the largest island in Myanmar and has national park of marine conservation of the same name. The island possesses pristine rainforests, completely secluded beaches, many coral reefs and local communities live in a traditional way, "living depend on the sea" for generations.






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