Monday - 18/11/2019 10:44
Responding to the Prime Minister's launch of restriction on plastic waste and the anti-plastic movement of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. At the 12th meeting, the People's Council of Con Dao District XI used glass cups to serve drinking water for delegates and guests.
7 17 2019 10 47 52 am

At the session, instead of replacing the usual plastic water bottles with glass. The glasses contain pure water, ensure clean, safe when used many times, and restrict the plastic bottles to be used once; to save part of the cost and reduce plastic waste to the environment.

Reportedly, not only at this district's People's Council meeting this time but other meetings of the District People's Committee also used glass water bottles instead of plastic bottles.
In addition, Con Dao district will strictly implement the use of indestructible and disposable plastic products in the activities of agencies and units, especially not using plastic bottles at meetings and associations as before.
Some pictures of using glass instead of disposable plastic bottles:
7 17 2019 10 48 20 am
7 17 2019 10 48 36 am
7 17 2019 10 46 49 am 1


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