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"The Association of Con Dao farmer acts for the green environment" - that is the name of the "Ingenious propaganda with the population" model that the Association of Con Dao farmer is implementing to propagate and raise members' awareness and responsibility in protecting the environment and associating environmental protection with the patriotic emulation movement and local socio-economic development.
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According to the plan, the model will be implemented in 2019. The plan will encourage members to buy the bin with deferred payment every month depending on the economic conditions of each family in order to achieve the goal of 100 % of households using dustbin with lid. The cost of each bin is less than half of one sold in the market.
Besides, implementing this model, Association also propagated to officials and members of the law on environmental protection; mobilizing rational use of drugs, collecting plant protection drug packages and formulating a routine to handle post-use packages in order to ensure environmental sanitation and residential landscape; mobilize people to limit the use of difficult-biodegradable plastic bags; Trash prescribed places;…
It is known that right after implementing the model, 68 members of residential area No. 3 and residential area No.5 registered to buy 120-liter and 240-liter waste bins. District Farmers 'Association printed the contents of the model "Con Dao Farmers' Association for Green Environment" and gave it to its members. At the same time, the Association also continues to implement the content of the model to soon reach the goal of 100% of the members use trash cans with lids, contributing to making Con Dao always green and clean.


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