Foreign tourists love traveling to Con Dao

Wednesday - 27/12/2023 16:51
Many foreign tourists share that they like the wild and mysterious beauty of Con Dao (Ba Ria – Vung Tau).
Con Dao (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) is new destination for foreign tourists. Photo: Department of Tourism Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Foreign visitors feel quite satisfied in their first visit to this archipelago.

Not yet “industrialized”

Valentin and Marion, French tourists, plan to travel to Vietnam for 5 weeks. They know about Con Dao through the introductory article of a travel blogger in their hometown.

“This person suggested that Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) and Con Dao are two beautiful beach destinations in Vietnam. When we found out, we were more impressed with Con Dao and decided to choose this as a stopover,” said Marion.

Male tourists commented that this archipelago is still unspoiled, not creating the feeling of “industrialization” like in Phu Quoc. Besides, he has never heard his friends mention Con Dao, so he is quite curious and wants to explore it.

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Marion (right) and Valentin (left) were both impressed with Con Dao after their first visit.

During their 3 days here, two French tourists spent most of their time exploring the beaches. Blue sea water, fine white sand are the things that they like the most in Con Dao.

“There are many beautiful beaches, we can play there all day. However, the weather in Con Dao this season is quite erratic. Sudden rains somewhat affect my schedule,” Marion expressed.

Sharing the same feeling, Stef, a Dutch tourist, commented that Con Dao’s weather would be better if it didn’t rain.

“It seems that the weather is not very favorable for my trip. This is my first day to Con Dao but it has been raining. Hopefully, the coming days will be sunny so that I can sunbathe in the sea”, said male tourist.

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Stef commented that the beaches here are very beautiful.

When asked about the trip’s plans, Stef said he plans to spend more time exploring the beaches. The male tourist shared that this is also the reason he chose to come to Con Dao.

Stef knew about this archipelago through a Vietnam travel guide. He was immediately attracted by the beautiful, green beaches in Con Dao that appeared in the book.

Before coming here, Dutch tourists had time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. Stef commented that the pace of life in Con Dao is completely different. This archipelago is still quite wild, peaceful and does not have many foreign visitors.

“No matter where I am, the people are happy and enthusiastic to support me. However, I have more difficulty communicating with the people on the island,” he said.

Has growth potential

Spending 5 days exploring this archipelago, Lisa, a tourist from the Czech Republic commented that Con Dao has potential for tourism development.

“The natural landscape here is very beautiful. For those who love the sea, this will be an interesting destination. In addition to the main island, there are many small islands around here to explore,” Lisa said.

If only in terms of the natural landscape, Czech tourists are quite satisfied, but she thinks that is not enough for a tourist destination.

The female tourist said that the infrastructure for tourism in Con Dao is still quite basic. Lisa doesn’t find many large cafes, bakeries, pubs, restaurants or supermarkets on the island.

du lich con dao, khach nuoc ngoai, kham pha con dao anh 3
The Czech female tourist expects Con Dao to develop further.

Besides, she also assessed that the popularity of Con Dao is not high. Lisa’s friends almost do not know this archipelago, they mainly mention Phu Quoc and Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan) when they want to travel to the sea in Vietnam.

“I think if there are more tourist services, Con Dao can be as famous as the above destinations,” Lisa said.

Similarly, Valentin also said that Con Dao needs more restaurants. She commented that the seafood here is very fresh. However, apart from seafood, female tourists do not have many options for their meals.

The female tourist visited some other provinces before coming to Con Dao. She shared that she did not have enough time to explore all the cuisines in some destinations.

“I think the archipelago will be more popular if this can be fixed. You will hardly have a good travel experience on an empty stomach,” Valentin said.

In addition, the evening in Con Dao is quite boring because there are not many fun and entertainment activities. Valentin commented that the people on the island sleep quite early, which may make the group of guests who want to enjoy the nightlife service unhappy.

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