Regenerative Zone - the spot "Environmental promulgation combined with check-in" in Con Dao

Monday - 25/12/2023 11:03
Following the success of the environmental propaganda combining check-in point at Sunrise Con Dao in the area near Mobile Ranger Station (zone 3, Con Dao district), the Management Board of Con Dao National Tourism Area continues to launch a second propaganda combined with the check-in point in Con Dao, Regenerative Zone (near the Coast Guard area, Ben Dam)

Implementing Plan No. 252/KH-UBND dated September 6, 2023, regarding the implementation of the "Research and Application of Circular Economy Models for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in Con Dao district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, in the period of 2022 -2025, oriented to 2030”. To propagate and raise awareness of environmental protection through ocean waste recycling models combined with scenic photo spot, which creates new tourism products serving tourists, gradually forming a tourism product chain in the Southern region of Con Dao, extending tourists’ stay, increase tourism spending; at the same time, utilizing the vacant land to create a playground for the environment-loving volunteers in Con Dao, a place to meet, exchange, and improve foreign language skills for many people.
The Management Board of Con Dao National Tourism Area coordinated with Mr. Dan Vi Phuong (address: Nguyen Van Cu Street, Area 9, Con Dao) to clean the vacant land near the Coast Guard area, Ben Dam to set up a spot environmental propaganda combined with check-in REGENERATIVE ZONE - a place to recycle ocean waste into an environmentally friendly model.
 With an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters, the REGENERATE ZONE uses entirely environmentally friendly materials to install facilities, which make a relaxing and pleasant feeling for visitors. In particular, the models of tables, chairs, and miniature landscapes are recycled from ocean waste such as used steel drums, marine buoys, plastic bottles, and scrap woods. Through the skillful and meticulous hands of Mr. Vi Phuong and his colleagues, ocean waste has been "regenerated" into a lovely, cute model to continue its mission of serving people.
Enjoy the feeling of peace with friends and relatives

Perhaps the REGENERATIVE ZONE is the most ideal place to watch Ben Dam beach at sunset. The beauty of heaven and earth in harmony with the majestic Ba island and the bustling scene of ships entering and leaving the port creates a picture of nature that is "difficult to paint". Relax with nature, and immerse yourself in a quiet space, this peaceful moment will help you find peace in your soul. This is expected to become a unique and special virtual check-in point for visitors to confidently "show off" to relatives and friends.
Ben Dam landscape at sunset
The sun gradually sinks into the sea

The REGENERATE ZONE is located entirely in the mountains, forests, and sea, with a spacious area, the check-in models are recycled from single-use plastic products and ocean waste, this combination is suitable for residents and tourists to organize picnics, for schools to organize extracurricular Environmental Education activities, and for travel companies to organize team building games.

The Management Board of Con Dao National Tourism Area is pleased to welcome everyone to the REGENERATIVE ZONE, to have a wonderful experience that will help you forget the worries of life!
* How to get there:
- Direction 01: departing from Con Dao Center, tourists follow the coastal road, towards Ben Dam, passing through Nhat area and Ben Dam Port respectively. About 200m from the Coast Guard, the REGENERATIVE ZONE awaits you on the left!
- Direction 02: depart from Con Dao Center, go along Vo Thi Sau street, to Huynh Thuc Khang street, to the road to Con Dao National Park, then go along the coast, the REGENERATIVE ZONE awaits you on the RIGHT!
* Travel distance: about 18km from Con Dao center (for both directions).
* Travel time: 30 minutes (for both directions).
* Note: during the windy season, when passing through the Nhat beach area, wind gusts are quite dangerous, travelers should be careful!


Author: Xuan Da


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