Vivu Journeys takes guests on international 5-star cruise ship to experience prison relics and diving enjoying corals in con dao

Monday - 26/02/2024 10:13
On the afternoon of February 23rd in Con Dao island, tour operator Vivu Journeys Vietnam, a member of Thien Minh Travel Group (TMG), continued to bring more than 150 international tourists on the French ship company PONANT’s 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier to visit Con Dao.
In Con Dao, the tour group participated in two types of tours, namely hiking to So Ray Plantation, diving to see coral in Cau island and a cultural and historical tour through the Con Dao Museum and Con Dao Prison Relics System. Con Dao, an archipelago off the coast of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, has become a special tourist destination attracting international tourists. The tour group on the 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier had the opportunity to go through the prison cells and corridors, where they witnessed the cruel scenes of war prisoners. And in that brutality, they shared the stories of Vietnamese prisoners during the difficult and dark times of the past.



The group of tourists took a tour of the war prison in Con Dao. Photo: Vivu Journeys.
The 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier is not only a means of transportation but also known as a symbol of comfort and perfection in every detail of France. “Tourists therefore see a huge contrast between their current high-class living conditions and a part of Vietnam's history. Their impression is therefore extremely profound.
“The main goal of this war prison tour is not only for international tourists to understand and feel the brutality of war, but also to provide a truly valuable opportunity for tour operators like us to send the message of peace and respect of the Vietnamese people to international friends. That is the bridge that will help us all get closer together, towards a better world," said Mr. Truong Ngoc Hung, tour operations manager for the southern region of Vivu Journeys.
In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to experience eco-tourism in Con Dao, visit coral reefs, and plant souvenir trees in Cau island Con Dao.




Author: Xuan Da

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