The Thousand-Mile Journey of Malaysian mother turtle to give birth to 108 'Baby Turtles' on Con Dao Island.

Thursday - 02/05/2024 08:25
After an incredible journey spanning thousands of nautical miles, a giant green turtle from Malaysia has finally arrived at Bay Canh Island in Con Dao National Park to lay her eggs.
This "mother turtle" was discovered by the park rangers on the night of April 22nd. At that time, she was diligently digging a hole and preparing to lay her eggs on Cat Lon Beach, located on Bay Canh Island.

According to Mr. Nguyen Khac Pho, the Director of the Con Dao National Park Management Board, this special visitor carried a registration tag from Malaysia, indicating the challenging and arduous journey she had completed. After traveling a long distance, the mother turtle chose Cat Lon Beach on Bay Canh Island as her nesting site.

Bay Canh Island is renowned as an ideal "breeding sanctuary" for international turtle mothers, and this is not the first time it has welcomed such special guests.
Con Dao National Park is known as an ideal destination for year-round sea turtle breeding, with the peak season occurring from May to August. The breeding season is when sea turtles migrate from their feeding grounds to familiar nesting beaches. The mating process often takes place during their migration and before reaching the nesting sites. Each year, Con Dao National Park welcomes over 2,000 mother turtles to lay their eggs, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in the ocean.


Author: Xuan Da

Source: Tạp chí Du lịch thành phố Hồ Chí Minh/ Translated Xuan Da

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