10 Green accomodation Recommended by Locals - Have You Heard of Them?

Wednesday - 29/05/2024 15:02
"Did you know? "Green tourism" is becoming a hot trend not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. This summer, when you visit Con Dao, why not try this unique style of travel? It will be even more exciting to explore the choices of eco-friendly accommodations."
Currently, over 30% of accommodation establishments in the district have replaced plastic water bottles with glass bottles; they use paper straws, boxes, and bags for packaging; shampoo and shower gel are stored in long-lasting glass bottles, or guests are provided with fabric bags to use during their stay to reduce plastic waste.
Green tourism is not only about creating eco-friendly products but also about changing our mindset and rejuvenating ourselves. Once a large tourism community operates on this platform, the brand of Con Dao tourism will naturally flourish, and businesses will greatly benefit from this approach. Understanding this, accommodation establishments in the district are constantly striving to transform themselves and improve day by day. Some accommodation establishments in the province are even renovating themselves to keep up with the trend of green tourism.
Trips with "green" luggage are expected to contribute to preserving ecosystems and natural landscapes. Each traveler who reduces their use of single-use plastic items lightens the burden on the environment.

1. Nicobar hotel
+ Address: residential area 6, Con Dao district
+ Phone: 0254 3831 568


2. Velar Con Dao Hotel
+ Address: residential area 5,  Le The Tran street, Con Dao district
+ Phone: 037 653 3901


3. Chang’s Hideway hotel
+ Address: 06 Duong Thanh Khiet street, residential area 2, Con Dao district
+ Phone: 039 779 3304


4. Tuấn Ninh II Hotel
+ Address:  Ho Thanh Tong street , residential area 7
+ Phone: 0344 68 59 68 


5. Côn Đảo Resort
+ Address: 8 Nguyen Duc Thuan
+ Phone: 0254 3830 979


6. Côn Sơn Blue Sea Hotel
+ Địa chỉ: Nguyen Duc Thuan street, residential area 5.
+ SĐT: 088 968 00 98


7. Côn Đảo House
+ Address: Vo Thi Sau street
+ Phone: 0254 3908 898


8. Hotel De Condor
+ Address: residential area 2, Phan Chu Trinh street
+ Phone: 094 190 39 08


9. Hoang Gia hotel
+ Address: Le Duan street, residential area 6
+ Phone: 0943924567


10. Garden House
+ Address: residential area 2, Phan Chu Trinh street.
+ Phone: 091 910 75 88


Author: Xuan Da

Source: condao.com.vn. Translated by: Xuan Da:

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