Release of Malaysian turtle offsprings (F1) into the sea

Monday - 24/06/2024 10:15
On June 9th, at Cat Lon beach, Bay Canh island - Con Dao, 100 tourists, divided into two groups of 50 people each, released 87 baby turtles into the sea
Tourists participated in the release of the F1 offspring of a mother turtle from Malaysia on the morning of June 9th.
This event is particularly noteworthy as it involves the F1 generation of a mother turtle from Malaysia, which traveled thousands of miles to Con Dao and laid eggs on the night of April 22nd.
According to the records of the Bay Canh Forest Ranger Station, the Malaysian mother turtle laid 108 eggs, weighing 90-100kg, and is around 40 years old. She has an identification number 4240 engraved on her front flipper, indicating her origin from Malaysia.
After assisting the mother turtle in laying her eggs, the forest rangers relocated all the eggs to an artificial incubation pond.
Marking the nest of the Malaysian mother turtle at Hon Bay Canh.

With a hatch rate of 87 baby turtles out of 108 eggs, achieving a rate of over 80%, marine turtle conservation experts consider this rate to be very high. This demonstrates that the temperature conditions, the environment of the incubation pond, and the egg incubation techniques being implemented at Con Dao National Park are excellent.


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