From July 1st, 2024 to September 30th, 2024, Con Dao district will implement the "Green Offering Basket" on Saturdays at the Con Dao Special National Monument Area

Saturday - 22/06/2024 08:30
The "Green Offering Basket" Saturdays is an activity in the campaign to say "NO" to the burning of votive offerings at historical sites, aiming to change habits during gratitude and commemoration activities by using environmentally friendly products. The goal is to continue spreading the message of not using votive offerings and single use plastic products, ultimately ceasing the practice of burning votive offerings at the Con Dao Special National Monument Area.

So, what is the “green offering basket” Saturday?
The "Green Offering Basket" is an environmentally friendly basket that does not use votive offerings or single-use plastic products such as foam, nylon, plastic bottles, etc. Its dimensions are neat and solemn: 50cm in height and 50cm in width.

Things in the Green offering basket: incense, flowers, fruits, silk, leaf conical hats
Every Saturday, the "Green Offering Basket" is implemented at various historical sites throughout the district, with the aim of conducting the "Green Offering Basket" on all weekdays.
In the first six months of 2024, the Con Dao National Monument Conservation Center successfully organized the "Green Offering Basket" competition on April 9th, 2024, at the Con Dao Temple. The event was a collaboration between the center, WWF-Vietnam, and relevant organizations to promote and encourage local residents, tourists, and tourism businesses to limit the use of disposable plastic products, votive offerings, and to replace them with environmentally friendly products in their rituals. Additionally, tourists were encouraged to use the "Green Offering Basket" and say "NO" to votive paper offerings in order to protect the environment in Con Dao district.

 NO single-use plastic trays
NO single-use plastic glasses/bottles

 NO votive paper offerings
NO floral foam

NO plastic bags
Over time, the campaign to say "NO" to single-use plastic products during sightseeing and visiting activities has gained support from tourists and businesses in Con Dao district. The use of single-use plastic products has decreased by about 90%, while foam products used for flower arrangements have reduced by around 40%. The use of bouquets and branches has reached approximately 30%.
These positive changes have resulted in a significant reduction in single-use products and plastic waste.
Overall, the "Green Offering Basket" Saturday contributes to changing habits and raising awareness among local residents, businesses, and tourists when visiting Con Dao Special National Monument Area. It plays a part in protecting and maintaining a clean and beautiful environment.
Here are some examples of "Green Offering Baskets".





Author: Xuan Da

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