"GREEN HANDPRINT CHALLENGE" competition - where visitors show their love for the environment

Saturday - 22/06/2024 14:42
The Green Handprint Challenge is an online competition organized by the Management Board of Con Dao National Tourism Area in collaboration with WWF-Vietnam. This activity is part of a series of plastic reduction communication campaign in Con Dao in 2024.
The aim is to raise awareness and encourage tourists to practice the message of single-use plastic reduction, not offering/ burning votive paper when visiting historical sites, tourist attractions, and contribute to protecting the environment and air quality in Con Dao district. It also promotes the participation of businesses on the island in communicating regulations and encouraging the practice of single-use plastic reduction in their operations. Through this, it promotes the image of eco-friendly, gree tourism, towards Con Dao’s sustainable development and environmental protection.

Every visitor coming to Con Dao brings precious memories on each journey and leaves their own marks here. "Green handprint" is something beautiful and unique. Did you know that the "Green Handprint" challenge is an opportunity for each of us to express our gratitude to Con Dao's generous soul and its stunning nature!

During the competition, the Organizing Committee was extremely excited to receive the support of visitors. The shared articles about the journey to Con Dao and the call to participate in the plastic reduction campaign through the actions of visitors have made the Green Handprint Challenge widely spread to many tourists when visiting Con Dao.

"What I like most about this trip is everyone's environmental awareness. The people on the island are doing really well. From paper straws, leftover food packed in paper bags, to everything being put into cardboard boxes to take home. There is no litter along the road, no trace of gel wrappers or energy bar wrappers left behind, something you will easily encounter in other races. And of course, I always carry my personal trash during the run in my running shorts and wash it when I get back to the mainland. I will definitely come back to Con Dao, to explore and experience more of this Green-Clean-Beautiful island" - Entry from visitor Hoang Thi Thuy Trang.
Image from Hoang Thi Thuy Trang's entry
"Since coming here, I have learned the habit of bringing a bag when shopping and eating out, so as to avoid plastic or Styrofoam containers. And every weekend, my friends and I go to the beach to collect trash. Some people say I'm only good at talking, but I consider Con Dao my home, so I clean my own house. Recently, I participated in a meaningful activity called the Green Handprint Challenge. At first, I thought it was similar to cleaning up, which I often do. But after registering, I found out that I could collect trash and also receive gifts!" - Heartwarming sharing from participant Dan Vi Phuong.
Volunteer group for the environment established by Dan Vi Phuong, organizing weekly beach cleaning activities every Saturday.

"Con Dao aims to have no plastic waste in nature. MY GRANDMOTHER AND I WILL NOT USE PLASTIC BOTTLES, TOWARDS A CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL CON DAO" - A sincere call from two generations in the entry recounting their trip to Con Dao.

Image from the entry of two generations participating in the Green Handprint Challenge.

How to start your "green handprint" journey?

Step 1: Take photos and videos (at least 15 seconds) of yourself performing at least one plastic reduction action at tourist spots in Con Dao.


Step 2: Share the photos on your personal Facebook page (publicly) along with sharing about your journey and experience of plastic reduction tourism in Con Dao. The actions can include:
  • Using eco-friendly plates without plastic products.
  • Not offering/burning votive paper at spiritual tourist spots.
  • Bringing a personal water bottle when traveling.
  • Saying no to plastic bags when shopping on the island.
  • Properly disposing of trash in designated areas.
Step 3: Attach hashtags: #greenhandprint #condao #lessplastic #plasticreductioncondao and tag the Fanpage of the Con Dao Management Board (BQL Khu du lich quoc gia Con Dao)

Challenge duration: from 0h on April 30th to 24h on June 30th, 2024.
Join the "Green Handprint" challenge today and don't forget to share this information with those around you. 100 special postcard sets are waiting for the fastest ones.
Visitors can receive postcards to participate in the Challenge at the following locations:
  1. Sunrise hunting point - Sunrise Con Dao
  2. De Lavie Cafe - Takai Supermarket Rooftop
  3. Management Board of Con Dao National Park - 03 Nguyen Hue, Con Dao
In Con Dao, everywhere we go, the air we breathe, seems to bear the mark of 113 years of glorious history. Perhaps that's how Con Dao reminds us to always remember the past, cherish the present, and be responsible for the future? Because the "green" future of the island will depend on our actions today. When you choose eco-friendly tourism, you are "leaving a green handprint" to build that future. It is a beautiful and unique mark, and an opportunity for you to contribute to a great and meaningful gratitude to the heroic island. See you in Con Dao when we return, and we will witness a bright and beautiful future nurtured by those green "handprints"!


Author: Xuan Da

Source: condao.com.vn. Translated by: Xuan Da:

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