Sunset hunting in Con Dao

Thursday - 23/05/2024 16:10
When visiting Con Dao, tourists not only get to admire the sunrise slowly appearing over the sea, hidden behind small islands, but also have the opportunity to experience watching the sunset gradually descending onto the surface of the water
The sunset is the moment of transition between day and night, creating a magnificent symphony of beautiful colors. 

The sunset in Con Dao possesses a unique beauty. Con Dao's sea still retains its pristine features, exuding a charm that easily captivates people, making them forget about the world around and fully enjoy the fleeting moments between day and night.

The summer months are the best time to watch the sunset, with clear sky from April to June. The sun is the brightest one, and everything around becomes even more enchanting with the golden hues of the setting sun's rays. During this time, the Con Dao sunset seems to dominate the entire space of this dreamy island. 

To witness the perfect moment of the sunset, tourists can head to the beach around 5-6 PM. This is when the sun has mellowed down, neither too harsh nor too late to miss the slow descent of the sun onto the water's surface.

In Con Dao, tourists can watch the sunset at locations such as Ben Dam, Bai Nhat, Mui Chim Chim, Tai Sinh Zone, Sunset Bus Cafe, and the Northwest route.

If you have the chance to visit Con Dao, don't forget to plan a trip to watch the sunset at sea and capture beautiful photos! It is guaranteed to be a moment, an experience that will leave a lasting impression like no other place can provide! 





Author: Xuan Da

Source: Translated by: Xuan Da:

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