The peace in Con Dao – hell on the earth

Monday - 27/05/2019 21:49
Con Dao is not only a place for tourists to learn about history, ethnic origins, but also for discovering and enjoying the wonderful scenery.

The early morning in Dam port always make touristsof the land enjoy. The local people usually come here to pick up guests from the mainland. They are joying to receive the catch with full of fishes on the orther side of the port. Some people are making fishing nets beneath the blue sky. All make a charming picture.

The beaches are "specialties" of Con Dao. There are many places for tourists to swim in the clear blue water such as the large beaches, the small beaches, the onymous or the unknown beaches, in the town or on the islets.

Terminalia catappahas become a legacy tree of Vietnam. We can see them everywhere, from streets, alleys in the town to pagodas, historical relics… around the island.

Historical sites such as prisons, the tiger cage, museum, the palace of Lord ofthe island, pier 914, Hang Duong cemetery ... always attract a lot of visitors to visit, learn history and remember the merits of the older generations, heroes,martyrs.

You will be watched a lot of beautiful scenery, picture of clouds underneath the water, mountain and sea roll into one to create the blue expanse arrays on the sky.

There are the bays with water as jade. Water here has three different colors, splashing on the sea.

Dam Trau Beach is a crescent-shaped with blue water and golden sand. It is very near Co Ong airport. Here, everything is beautiful, but the road leading to this beach is slightly bad and seafood is too expensive compared to the common market.

Tau Be cape is on the way to the airport. This is the ideal place for taking photographic. At the same time, this is also the most beautiful sunrise view of Con Dao

AnHailotus lake is nestled in the foothill of Mot Mountain. It reachs out to the sunshine in the morning and shows its beauty in one area of the island. The lake combined with Nui Mot Pagoda to create a unique landscapes and captivate any visitor visiting.

There are some unknown beaches with sand smooth. Occasionally, several guests come to swim, most of them are the locals.

Nhat beach - the peak of Love  is about 8 km south of town. This beach has a peaceful, romantic landscape but no less majestic.There is the mountain with the high mountain rangeon the one side. The beach is on the other sidewith the white, smooth sand in hamorny with the green of moss, some pink clouds of the sunset create a spectacular scene.

Con Dao National Park is a difficult place to conquer for tourists, but it is suitable for nature lovers, who like to explore. It takes a lot of time to come the destinations of park with walking from 1-3.2 km of hard mountain roads. Ong Dung Beach, Ong CauBeach, So Ray relic, DatTham beach, Bang Beach, Duc Me Cave ... are places not to be missed when visiting the park.

Vong beach is 12 km from town, stretching 2 km to Co Ong airport. This is the most unspoilt beach in Con Dao. But it possesses a beautiful and unspoiled scenery. This is also the only way to reach Dam Tre Bay if you want to walk through the forest.

Dam Tre Bay is slightly small but clean, quiet and charming. In particular, it has very beautiful corals. In addition to accessing by boat, visitors can trekking across the beach and the forest with a total length of about 11 km to visit the area

Night in Con Dao is very quiet. Around 8 pm, the roads are empty. Occasionally, a few motorcycles across. Visitors are also gradually reduced, only the shadow of old trees cover the roads and the talk of the locals chatting on pavement.

This island is still beautiful and simple, fanciful in the lights at Ton Duc Thang Street,  914pier the night.

The theme sunrise on the island is notnew no longer, but it would be nice to get up early for seeing the dawn at the most beautiful cape of Con Dao, Tau Be cape.

Do not forget to visit Nui  Mot Pagoda, burn incense for peace and enjoy the charming landscape here.
















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