Tourism Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Monday - 27/05/2019 21:37
According to many technology experts, there are areas that must choose as levers to develop, such as agriculture, travel and there are section that forced to do such as education, environment and health in the 4th industrial revolution.

The 4th technological revolution - The industries associated with automated processes are easily replaced by robots

Impact of the 4th industrial revolution on sectors.

Experts say that the 4th industrial revolution is in the onset phase. It will impact on all socio-economic sectors and opening up many development opportunities for Vietnam as it is not only happened in industry. It also occurred in digital technology and brought the great achievements of digital technology to all areas, including travel.

Professor Ho Tu Bao, lead member of the Asia-Pacific Regional Steering Committee for Artificial Intelligence (APIC), Data Mining (PAKDD) and Machine Learning (ACML), said that we need  to recognize the 4th industrial revolution is revolution of smart manufacturing, but not only indwell in the fields of industrial production. "There are areas that must choose as levers to develop, such as agriculture, travel and there are section that forced to do such as education, environment and health in the 4th industrial revolution." Mr Bao analysis.

On the same point with above idea, Professor Ta Cao Minh, Vice President cum General Secretary of Vietnam Automation Association, Director of Center for Applied Research and Create Technology of Hanoi University of Technology said: "In my opinion, this is a great opportunity because the 4.0 revolution does not only impact the industry but also many other areas. Previous revolution only affected certain industries. After it will influence other sectors. Currently, the 4.0 industrial revolution has affected many sectors such as agriculture, health, teaching, teaching, environment, transportation, tourism...

In other words, it depends on the industry. In other sectors, we need a correct method and not be impatient. We need the direction and regulation of the State to do this. The state must direct some leveraged sectors such as tourism and modern agriculture. Others require long-term investment in strategy to create the foundation, create facilities, create materials as well as basic elements for the industry such as manufacturing IC, producing electricity for machines.

"This is an area where technology replacement is not very high."

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on tourism sector

According to Prof. Ta Cao Minh, tourism is a service sector. The tourism industry is envisioned to have many stages. For visitors, we first have to find address, search on the internet, find hotel, find transport and the most reasonable price. Next we buy airplane tickets and find directions. The 4th industrial revolution works in each of these stages.

In addition, with the global coverage of the 4th industrial revolution, using viber or other software such as zalo ... allows interaction almost immediately, without delay even when we abroad. So when traveling abroad, we still can keep in regular contact with family, relatives to solve work.

For tourism units, this is also an opportunity for us to propagate and disseminate information on our website. We bring good images to promote the destination and also receive the bad news about the route such as the places of rooking or inviting visitors with insistence to minimize and solve the problems. This is a very good measure to increase tourists, reduce the situation of visitors coming once and never wanting to return. At present, Vietnam's tourism is relatively crowded and bring foreign currency to the country. However, tourism has not yet developed to match the potentials.

Obviously, tourism in the 4th industrial revolution need to be developed intelligently with the support of digital technology. Intelligence shows that it is necessary to calculate the benefits of services, propagate to the people the benefits of high quality services as well as the damage of doing business in "snatching way". This make tourists do not want to come back, even have a talk about the weakness of Vietnam's tourism on cyberspace. Using digital technology can create and provide the best services to tourists, making visitors very satisfied when coming to Vietnam.

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