Con Dao processed gabages basically at Vong beach – Suoi Ot & beaches on Con Dao district in northest wind in December

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 23:24
Within three days 5,6,7 January 2016, total force of organs including soldiers, border, union district, defence, cleaning team of Board of public construction Management, citizen zone with one hundred twenty people/day with means two digging trucks, ben car, one truck under direct instruction of Mr. Nguyen Anh Nhut – Vice Chairman of district’s people’s committee organized to collect gabages and transport to Ben Dam Con Dao gabage yard with volume one hundred twenty m3a . Board of national garden management guided and organized for staffs of forest stations to clean and collect gabages from the four of January 2016, some beaches Hòn Tài, B?y C?nh, Ð?m Tre Bay, hòn Tre nh?, hòn Bà, hòn Tre L?n, bãi Duong  28 people/day collecting and processing with 28,9m3 gabages.

The third day to collect gabages at Vong beach – Suoi Ot Con Dao


Means of transport are focusing to collect gabages

Until the end of 07 January 2016, total volume of gabages collected at beaches is 148,9m3 diversified including old net, glass bottles, ropes, side float, soft bags, pile wooden trees. Every year, in the strong wind season, number of gabages on the beach floating to affect cleaning job and enviroment of Con Dao, Board of management of tourism zones of Con Dao district is active to cooperate with cleaning units to collect gabages to ensure environment of beaches, however in the strong wind season this year, volume of gabages floating on beaches of Con Dao is big. Effort of local administration of Con Dao District People’s Committee is to directly guide to deploy within three days to collect gabages floating at beaches of Con Dao to guarantee environment clearly for tourism development.


Beach after cleaned

In the climate condition of strong wind season in Con Dao, Con Dao District People’s Committee guides construction units planed specifically to maintain teams in charge, means at Sadturday and Sunday weekly in collection with district’s teams, union’s teams, citizen zones continues to collect gabages at beaches to guarantee environment green – clear – beautiful to serve Con Dao tourism development.    

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