Con Dao focuses its force to collect gabages in Vong beach – Suoi Ot bridge and Co Ong area of Con Dao district

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 23:23
At present, Côn Ð?o is in the time of strong wind season, sea water rises and big waves pulling gabages from offshore floating to Côn Ð?o beaches such as Vong beach – Su?t ?t and c? ?ng area of residential quarter no. 1, Ð?m Tre bay, hòn B?y c?nh, hòn Tre l?n. 

Through survey and evaluation, volumn of gabages floating to beaches in Côn Ð?o district this year is very big, more than previous years, types of gabages is diversified including  net, bottles, spongy, tree woods. Before this situation, morning January 4th of 2016, People’s Committee of Côn Ð?o district invites relevant competent authorities to propose solutions to collect gabages at beaches. Leader Mr. Nguyen Anh Nhut – Vicechairman of Con Dao district People’s Committee concludes and guides Board of public work management cooperate with Board of district’s army command, Côn Ð?o frontier, district police, Con Dao union youth, residential area no. 1, relevant authorites, tourism areas supply people, means of transport, equipment, tools to collect gabages at Vông beach – Su?i ?t.

Morning January 5th of 2016, total force of units including Army, frontier, union district, police, residential area and cleaning force of Board of public work management over 120 people/day, with 01 digging truck, 2 tipper lorry, 01 truck under direct guidance of Mr. Nguyen Anh Nhut have conducted collecting gabages, transporting total gabages to B?n Ð?m yard - Côn Ð?o with volumn over 120 m3/day. It is known that at the same day Board of Con Dao National Garden Management Board guides officers to collect gabages and clean beaches such as Ð?m Tre Bay & Hòn tre l?n.


Ib January 6th of 2016, total forces, motivated means continues to collect gabages, beaches become more beautiful but through one night, gabages from offshore continue to float back such beaches. Before this situation, Con Dao district People’s Committee has guided to continue maintaining forces in charge to collect gabages at beaches, on the other hand, guide Enviroment & Natural Resources Dept., Board of tourism areas management strictly to build detailed plan to protect environment to enhance awareness and responsibity towards enterperises, public about developing tourism in accordance with environment protection at locarity, besides, promote competent authorities, unions, enterprises and public together to keep coastal environment, green – clean – beautiful at tourism places, beaches in the district with the aim to grow economics and society sustainably.


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