Declaration ceremony to adjust general planning to preserve, embellish and promote natural historical values of Côn Ð?o

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 23:20
On 31 Mar. 2016 at sports & culture center of Côn Ð?o, people’s committee of br-vt connects with Ministry of Culture & Sports & Travel organize declaration of general planning to preserve, embellish and promote national historical values particularly approved by the government in Decision no. 2163/ QÐ – TTg.

With Scope of adjustment

- Central historical areas, limited by Nguy?n Th? Minh Khai, Lê Ð?c Th? str., Tr?n Phú and Tôn Ð?c Th?ng street.  

- Cow Chister historical area, on Võ Th? Sáu street.

- Hàng Duong cemetery vestiges

- Vestiges places: Ma Thiên Lãnh Bridge (northern of administrative center), Sand Dept., Núi M?t Pagoda, Temple Bà Phi Y?n (Western administrative centre), Forein people burial ground (Nguy?n An Ninh stret.), memory house of heroine Võ Th? Sáu (Tôn Ð?c Th?ng street.)  

Scale of planning adjustment: Total area is 110.69 ha, in which:

- Area of protection I is 41.04 ha; 

- Area of protection II is 69.65.

Target of planning adjustment

- Preservation and embellish of national historical vestiges Côn Ð?o is to respect image of dead soldiers for nation, educate tradition for following persons; with favarable space scale, meet requirement on vestiges preservation in new situation to meet demand of social & economic development of locality.     

- Contribute to create diversified and plentiful travel products, on the basis of preservation, to promote historical vestiges with sustainable tourism development &economics & society, improve life incomes and spirit for Côn Ð?o people.          

- Adjust project groups and ordered steps to conduct.  

- Be the basis for management, preservation, promote cultural heritage values with travel development; set up, audit and approve invested projects. 

General planning adjustment of historical vestiges values contributes to create diversified and rich travel products, on the principle to preserve, promote vestiges in connection with sustainable travel development. Be the basis for cultural vestiges management, preservation, improvement; set up, audit and approve invested projects.          

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