Are some place names in Con Dao being misspelled?

Tuesday - 30/05/2023 16:14
Tai Island – Trac Lon Island (Big Trac Island) – Trac Nho island (Little Trac Island) and Dam Trau nho beach (Little Dam Trau beach) are familiar places in Con Dao but are being misspelled in the advertising information of some tourism service businesses.
Con Dao is always a "hot" destination on the tourist map, especially in summer. At this time, the number of bookings is showing a sign of gradual increase. Con Dao also actively prepares the best platform to be ready to welcome guests. One of the attractive experiences is to organize tours to small islands, watching sea turtles laying eggs combined with snorkeling to watch corals.
However, recently, some tourist service organizers are using the words "Brotherhood Islands", and "Brother Islands" to talk about Tai Island – Trac Lon Island (Big Trac Island) – Trac Nho Island (Little Trac Island)  and the word "Secret Beach" to talk about and Dam Trau nho beach (Little Dam Trau beach), to attract the tourists’ attention. Place names are associated with the history of Con Dao, bearing the local cultural identity. Therefore, the incorrect use of names, especially for a place name, misleads local people and visitors. Here is some information for visitors to better understand the names of these places:
1. Island group of Tai Island – Trac Lon Island (Big Trac Island) – Trac Nho Island (Little Trac Island)     
In front of Con Dao town, from Cape Shark to the East Sea, there are 4 small islands located close to each other, named Big Trac Island, Little Trac Island, Tai Island, and Little Tai Island. It is said that there were twin brothers, Dang Phong and Dang Trac Van, who were like two peas in a pod. Dang Phong Tai was exiled to the island during the Minh Mang period, was admired by the leader of An Hai village, and married his beloved daughter, Dao Minh Nguyet. The couple lived very happily in An Hoi hamlet, Minh Nguyet who was beautiful was often called An Hoi fairy.
Soon after, Deng Trac Van, Phong Tai's twin brother, was also exiled to the island and was picked up by his brother and sister-in-law to stay in the same house. By chance, once Trac Van came home early from cutting wood, the sister-in-law thought that her husband was coming back, took good care of him, and gave him a warm kiss. Trac Van stood solemnly like a statue for a while and then asked for her forgiveness. The fairy An Hoi was dumbfounded and begged her brother to keep this confusion a secret. Unfortunately, another time, Phong Tai had passed through Co Ong Village, not understanding accidentally or intentionally, that Fairy An Hoi mistakenly placed a love kiss on his brother. But just like the last time, Trac Van bowed to her and asked her to stop to keep his brotherhood

Afraid of his sister-in-law's love, Trac Van ran away from home, and made a raft to a small island, preventing a moment of falling in love with his sister which was contrary to normal morality. When Phong Tai returned, knowing the story, he went to look for him. However, the two brothers could not see each other and each died on a different island. These two islands were later named Trac Island - Hon Tai

2. Little Dam Trau Beach
The reason for this name is because it is located right next to Dam Trau beach. This unique beach is located among the forests, bringing on itself an unspoiled beauty that you will be amazed by when you have the opportunity to arrive.


How to get to Little Dam Trau Beach
To reach Dam Trau beach, you can choose the following directions.
+ First, you can combine to have fun at Dam Trau beach and then follow the trail on the left side, going through the mountain, the other side will be the Little Dam Trau beach.
+ If you are afraid to climb, you can wait until the low tide, a path will appear and lead you to the small beach.
*** The entrance ticket to Little Dam Trau beach is 50.000 vnd/person/turn

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