05 reasons extremely convincing you should go to Con Dao

Monday - 13/03/2023 08:09
If you desire to go to Con Dao but just need one more reason, then Cattour will give you 5 very persuasive reasons to pack your bags and go to Con Dao!

1. Green

Coming to Con Dao tourism, surely the first thing attracting you will be the eye-catching green color of the vast grasslands and boundless forests stretching for kilometers.

Green in the center of Con Dao town

The majority of places on the island and also the center of Con Dao town have a lot of green trees, especially ancient Terminalia catappa trees, well-preserved forests, and shady roads, even the Summer is also cool.

The green color of the grasslands will make you feel attracted as soon as you step down to Con Dao.

2. Clean
Most of the beaches, roads, and public places in Con Dao are cleaned by the janitors every day, the shopkeepers themself will clean their shop areas. Especially, locals and tourists visiting Con Dao are not too crowded, always conscious of environmental protection, and protect a sacred island.

The beaches in Con Dao are always clean and clear

In addition, Con Dao is also a tourist destination quite far away and not too crowded with visitors, so it still retains its pristine features as well as great cleanliness.

3. Beautiful
March to September every year is considered the season with the best weather to travel to Con Dao because this is the time of calm sea, beautiful sunshine, and little rain.

The best season to travel to Con Dao is from March to September

The calm sea makes the seawater extremely clear, I have been to many places, but there is no place where the seawater is as clear as Con Dao, it is even more stunning with beautiful sunny times.
Even if it is peak season, Con Dao is still very peaceful and can be said to be deserted and tranquil.

4. Unspoiled
Maybe because the cost of transportation and living cost in Con Dao is slightly high as well as the island is also far from the mainland, the number of visitors partly is limited and the island has not been urbanized and touristed like other places, many places are still unspoiled.

The still pristine beauty of Con Dao

Especially the most beautiful beaches are still public beaches, for everyone, not yet fenced by a resort or some man, so you can bathe, play or take photos with pleasure at any beach you stop at.
At night, you can also experience the wildness of Con Dao by joining night squid fishing tours, releasing baby turtles to the sea, or catching crabs in the forest… They are all 100% untouched and very interesting to discover.

5. Sacred
Certainly, you have to be mentally prepared, because with every step you walk, every inch of Con Dao land is formerly the blood and bones, and the lives of many generations have fallen.
Speaking of sacredness, we cannot help but mention Hero Vo Thi Sau, Mrs. Hoang Phi Yen, Prince Cai, and many names and lofty examples of heroic sacrifices for the freedom and independence of the country.

Con Dao is an especially sacred land

Con Dao has many check-in places, from French and American prisons to beautiful beaches, but below is my favorite place, which is Bai Nhat at low tide, I can bathe here from noon until sunset without getting bored.
In general, Con Dao is breathtaking, boat and flight tickets are a little expensive but extremely worth it.
If you want to go on a Con Dao tour, please inbox Cattour to be arranged a most reasonable schedule.
Cattour is proud to be the leading organizer of Con Dao tours!     



Author: My Phuong

Source: Source: cattour.vn/ Translated by: My Phuong.

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