Con Dao floating restaurant - a ideal place to enjoy fresh, unique seafood

Tuesday - 30/05/2023 10:26
Fresh seafood is the first thing that attracts visitors when coming to Con Dao. The fresh shrimp fish imported daily from the port guarantee a fresh taste to serve visitors. It's not hard to find seafood bars in the center of town. However, have you ever tried the experience of catching seafood by yourself, sipping and enjoying in the space in the middle of the sea, watching the brilliant golden sunlight of the sunset or the poetic starry sky? It is also one of the unique wonderful experiences in Con Dao!
The floating restaurant is the place that will meet all the above criteria. This is a new and unique form of restaurant business that attracts diners, especially tourists

Panoramic view of Kim floating restaurant in Con Dao

Sometimes the pressure of usual work and life makes people tired and want to find a peaceful place to regain life balance. Therefore, people often tend to find a place with fresh space, and return to nature to help relieve stress and relax. With the advantage of pristine nature with majestic mountains, the floating restaurant becomes more famous and attracts more tourists.

Delicious dishes are served at the restaurant




With a tri-hull ship design against waves, a spacious and airy space, Con Dao Floating Restaurant is one of the most ideal places to enjoy seafood banquets. Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy delicious seafood but also swim, fish, snorkel, check-in sunset… There are many typical seafood types of Con Dao such as lobster, slipper lobsters, crabs, sentinel crabs, groupers, and pelagic threshers ... You can choose what seafood you like, Then the staff will help you preliminarily process and cook them according to customer requirements, so remember to keep the seafood always fresh.

A chilling corner at Kim floating restaurant.

How to reach here
Located in the middle of the ocean, speed boats are the only means that can be used to get to the restaurant to dine. You will depart from the town center, it takes about 30 minutes by motorbike to reach Ben Dam Port. There will be a restaurant staff who will pick you up and guide you to the restaurant. If you intend to experience a floating restaurant, you should contact the restaurant in advance for specific guidance and choose the right time frame for you! It’s not too far from the port to the restaurant, so even seasick, don't worry!



Some trust-worthy floating restaurants:
1.Sang Con Dao restaurant
Address: Ben Dam Port, residential zone 10.
Contact number: 0363 739 207 – 0982 795 766
Opening hours: from 8:00 to 22:00 all days of the week.
2. The Kim Restaurant.
Address: Ben Dam Port, residential zone 10.
Phone number: 0916 692 789 – 0938 213 888
Opening hours: all days of the week; no guests coming after 09 pm, stay no later than 11 pm
3. Canh Buom (Sail) cruise ship
Address: Ton Duc Thang Street.
Contact: 0918 889 492- 0814 2222 63
The Canh Buom cruise ship is a little more special than the two floating restaurants above. The ship is located right at the Passenger Port in the center, so visitors do not have to go far, nor do they need to spend time to get to the restaurant.
When Con Dao lights up, the cruise ship also looks splendid.  With a modern and outstanding design, all will give you a unique experience.  Coming to this place, visitors not only enjoy the fresh and unique flavors prepared in the typical local cuisine style  but also relax, and enjoy the poetic and charming scenery.
 The inner space of the cruise ship


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