List of water entertainment services providers in Con Dao

Friday - 11/08/2023 11:19
SUP paddling – a water entertainment sport - favorite experience of young people at the present time is receiving a lot of attention from tourists from all over the world. This sport generates experience that makes many visitors ecstatic and do not want to return to the city.

SUP stands for Stand up Paddleboarding. This sport origins from Hawaii and has been catching up around the world for many years now. The SUP is very popular with tourists. Sup is understood as a form of small board with an average length of 3-4m. The weight of the board usually falls in the range of 7kg. SUP paddling in Con Dao in recent years has gradually become a "must-try" activity in Con Dao for Vietnamese youth.
Players can combine standing, sitting, lying down and combine some more artistic movements to move gently on the sea surface, because this sport successfully brings a feeling of liberality, freedom, coolness to tourists when floating on the sea. This extreme feeling of adventure is established as soon as you stand firmly on the board. This Sup paddling sport is especially suitable for young people who like to venture and explore the sea.




Con Dao is famous for its beautiful sunrise and sunset scenery. Therefore, you can comfortably paddle SUP and enjoy the wonderful scenery here. Some suitable places for SUP paddling in Con Dao not to be missed such as: Hon Cau, Bay Canh island, Big Tai island, Ba island, Con Son bay, Bang beach…
Here is the List of water entertainment services providers in Con Dao
1. Amadive Company. Contact name: Ngo Tuan Tu. Phone 0392 419 241
2. Dao Ngoc Travel Company. Contact name: Nguyễn Hoàng Phương. Phone: 0945 609 470
3 Do Phat business household. Contact name: Đỗ Phát. Phone: 0948 092 020
4. Mai Quynh Company. Contact name: Lục Thị Mai Quỳnh. Phone: 0915 550 539
 Some safe Sup paddling notes that you should know:
+ Do not paddle too far from the shore: You should paddle in groups and choose shallow water to move. Moreover, the distance from the shore should be moderate.
+ Follow the instructions of the Guide, always wear a life jacket when participating in water sports to ensure safety.
+ Always pay attention to the quality of sup: Research and choose reputable and quality service providers when participating in water sports challenges


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