Naming some great festivals and attractions in Con Dao island

Tuesday - 09/05/2023 15:41
Not only possessing beautiful nature and fresh air, Con Dao is also well-known for special festivals associated with legendary stories or heroic historical period, attracting visitors with cultural features and many attractive activities. So what are these festivals?
Here is a list of the most special festivals in Con Dao​​ for your reference:

1. Vietnam hero of the people's armed forces Vo Thi Sau's dealth anniversary with the memorial ceremony of heroes and martyrs at Hang Duong Cemetery in Con Dao   
  • Time: January 23 in the solar calendar every year
This is a familiar festival of Con Dao people, held in gratitude and memory of the loyal and indomitable daughter of Dat Do homeland
. In a solemn and emotional atmosphere, the delegates spend a minute in silence, reviewing the biography of Ms. Vo Thi Sau through a speech read by the National Monument Conservation Center of Con Dao at the ceremony, the speech said: “70 years ago, the daughter of Dat Do land with her bare footsteps walked between shoes with nails inside and iron cuffs. In front of the enemy's gun, with a relaxed and innocent appearance, she was still enthusiastically singing revolutionary songs. Hang Duong wind is still constantly blowing on Con Dao land. “Ms Sau passed away, but her voice still resonates in the heart of those who are living and urges them to never retreat.” Ms Sau has gone far, more than seventy springs have passed, but her life and her legends are always imprinted in the heart of many Vietnamese people in general and with Con Dao people in particular.”


      Over the years, the anniversary of the death of Vo Thi Sau has become a traditional festival in Con Dao. A martyr hero who sacrificed for the people and for the country become a guardian god of Con Dao people.°Through this anniversary ceremony, near and far visitors when coming to Con Dao have more experiences about the cultural and historical values on the sacred island, contributing to making Con Dao tourism products, including spiritual tourism to become increasingly diverse and rich.

2. Traditional raft racing festival 
  • Time: April 30 every year
       Traditional festivals in Con Dao have to mention the raft racing festival held on April 30 every year, attracting a large number of visitors. The festival is held at 914 Pier. This is not only a cultural and sports festival, but also a historical reenactment the escape of Vietnamese revolutionaries from the brutal in Con Dao prison to return to the mainland to continue revolutionary activities, liberate the homeland, and unify the country. The festival is organized methodically and thoughtfully, attracting a large number of local people and visitors.The rafts were decorated by the teams of participant with eye-catching flags and fully assembled along Ton Duc Thang street waiting for the signal to start. It is not only a event to exchange and connect but also contains heroic cultural and historical values.



3. Mrs. Phi Yen's death anniversary
  • Time: From October 17 to October 18 in the annual lunar calendar
   Referring to the famous festivals in Con Dao, it is impossible to ignore the  ceremony of Mrs. Phi Yen's death anniversary held on August 10 on the annual lunar calendar in order to preserve and promote the good traditional cultural values, contributing to improving the cultural and spiritual life of the people of Con Dao district. Propaganda and education to raising public awareness of protecting and promoting the good values of the traditional festival should be promoted, a civilized lifestyle should be implemented when participating in the festival. 

      The festival includes traditional rituals such as sacrifices, incense offerings, ancestral tablet processions, folklore activities with many types of culture, art, sports, folk games with healthy entertainment, creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere to serve the people and visitors, and at the same time; through the festival, the image of the locality has been propagated, promoted and introduced; attracting tourists, domestic and foreign investors to contribute to the development of the tourism industry of Con Dao district.

          The ceremony of Ms. Phi Yen's death anniversary with a long tradition has become a cultural beauty of great significance to Con Dao people  and is recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Above are the festivals in Con Dao that are famous and attract the most tourists, if you have the opportunity to visit this pearl island, try once to attend and learn this unique culture.


Author: My Phuong

Source: Source: BQL Khu du lịch quốc gia Côn Đảo. Translated by My Phuong

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