Con Dao beach – An ideal place to organize team building tourism

Tuesday - 21/02/2023 10:49
Team building tourism is an activity organized by businesses annually. In addition to the purpose for employees to relax after stressful working time, team building also helps to build team spirit and promote solidarity among the members of the company.

In recent years, Team Building Tourism gradually becoming a trend that is interested and loved, especially, by companies, organizations, agencies, businesses, and tourist groups with a large number of members traveling. Con Dao is chosen as a favorite destination to organize team-building activities for their companies. Let's take a look at some ideal beaches to organize team building in Con Dao.
1. Dam Trau beach
Dam Trau Beach is about 13km away from the center of town. Owning a beautiful beach with a long smooth sand beach, Dam Trau beach is one of the beaches that still retains rustic, natural, and pristine features. In particular, the weather and temperature are not harsh, so it is possible to organize team-building activities at any time of the year. Dam Trau Beach attracts visitors to check-in, promising to bring unique "airplane hunting" photos. Dam Trau Beach is also a place chosen by team building service companies as a place for challenging activities, sup paddling, and admiring the pristine beauty of this unique beach.
Some team-building games held in Dam Trau Beach:
* Giant volleyball: All members are participating, in the football field there will be 2 teams playing once. No matter how many touches, what matters is to bring the ball to the side for the opponent team.


team buiding


team building

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2. An Hai beach
An Hai beach is located in the center of Con Dao district, takes about 10 minutes from the center of the district to reach there. The beach is crystal blue and calm, the coast has a long white sand strip, and along the coast are rows of ancient poplar trees, suitable for those who like to travel, take pictures, and picnic outdoors. This is a place that many companies and marine team-building organizers do not hesitate to choose as a destination on the journey. An Hai beach has a panoramic view of the whole island, you will feel the vastness of the sea and sky here.
Some team-building games held in An Hai Beach:

* Team football: 2 teams play knockout matches. The goalkeeper may use their hands, the other players only use their feet. Players always go in pairs and do not leave their teammates. Whichever team wins 3 points first, that team will win


team buiding

- Must have the consent of the People's Committee of Con Dao district
- Throughout the organization, must ensure noise limit, fire prevention, security and order, keep safety for visitors, environmental sanitation after the end of the game
- The game must meet the requirements of Vietnamese customs and traditions

Some reputable companies organize team-building in Con Dao:
1. Green land Travel company, phone: 
0915550539 (.Ms. Quynh)
2. Dao Ngoc Travel company, phone: 096 900 04 70 (Mr. Phuong)


Author: Xuan Da

Source: Translated by: Xuan Da

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