Leaders of Con Dao district meet early spring enterprises

Friday - 31/05/2019 10:15
On the occasion of the New Year of Ky Hoi Spring 2019, on February 18, the leaders of the District Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and Fatherland Front Committee of Con Dao district (CD) together with agencies and units, mass organizations organized meetings with the businessmen and investors in the district. The meeting has about 80 businesses and investors investing in many fields attended.
At the meeting, the leaders of Con Dao district informed businesses about the socio-economic development, ensuring local ANQP in 2018 and the direction of the tasks in 2019. Accordingly, in the past year, most the district's socio-economic development targets have met and exceeded the plan. Particularly, the total revenue of the service and tourism industry reached VND 2,413 billion, up nearly 10%; in which, tourism revenue reached 1,317 billion VND, increased by 13% compared to 2017. The number of tourists visiting and tourism in Con Dao in 2018 increased significantly. If in 2017, Con Dao welcomed more than 240,000 visitors, in 2018, Con Dao welcomed 286,171 visitors, an increase of 17%. In particular, international visitors reached 32 thousand.
In Con Dao district, there are 27 tourist sightseeing routes, including 3 historical sightseeing routes, 24 sightseeing spots, ecotourism and diving; There are more than 60 accommodation facilities with a capacity of about 3,500 people / day; There are 30 large restaurants and eateries serving about 4,000 guests; 6 travel companies, online tour services; nearly 20 organizations and individuals dealing in diving services, watching corals, taxis, trams and transportation services on the island visitors; There are more than 30 vessels and canoes serving visitors on the sea and small islands. Besides, the system of shops selling souvenirs and gifts to serve the needs of tourists is also growing fast.
Up to now, the district has 47 projects registering investment aspirations. In which, there are 14 projects registered to continue investment and 33 new registration projects.
Speaking to businesses and investors, Mr. Le Van Phong - Chairman of the District People's Committee affirmed that the development of colleges in the past year in addition to the efforts of the political system, the people's consensus, is still having an important contribution of local businesses and investments. The results that Con Dao tourism industry achieved in 2018 are continuing to be an important highlight in the economic picture, affirming that it is a spearhead economic sector of the island district in recent years.

Talking with district leaders, there are 8 representatives of the business, investors have expressed their opinions, reflecting and presenting some difficulties and problems in the process of investment and business of tourism services. , such as: Need to improve the operational efficiency of the Association of Tourism Associations and create links and support in tourism service business activities in the district; Local human resources have not met the development needs of tourism; Overcrowding in Ben Dam Port as more and more ships arrive at CĐ; propose the district to invest in building or leasing land for car parking to limit the parking on the road and the roadside as at present, both affecting the traffic participants and losing the urban landscape; It is recommended that the district should soon take measures to treat the existing landfill for many years in order to avoid environmental pollution and lose the beauty of the Nhat beach area; The relevant authorities strengthen propaganda to protect the environment and natural resources for people and tourists to protect the environment of the environment to serve the sustainable development of the locality.
After listening to businesses and investors speaking, relevant agencies such as Ben Dam Port Management Board, Economic Department, Con Dao National Park and district leaders answered and clarified opinions, recommendations that businesses raise. On behalf of district leaders, Mr. Le Van Phong - CT.PUBP district also congratulated the successes that businesses have achieved and thanked businesses and entrepreneurs who have trusted and assured to choose colleges for investment and copper with local authorities in the past time. Wishing businesses growing and prospering in 2019 and the following years, the District People's Committee is ready to listen to comments and will always accompany, creating favorable conditions for businesses to develop stably.
Also in the meeting, the District People's Committee asked the agencies to focus on solving difficulties and obstacles for enterprises on the spirit of service. In particular, the Ben Dam Port Management Board is requested to review the inadequacies and points that are not appropriate in the operation of the Port to adjust and overcome in order to serve the local tourism development effectively.
Assigning the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to survey, study and advise the District People's Committee to build retaining walls to obstruct the view from the street to the landfill to avoid offensive when tourists and people go through this route.
In addition, the District People's Committee also suggested businesses and business establishments to join hands to protect the environment and preserve natural resources in order to make a difference for Con Dao to develop sustainably.
Source: Thai Thuy

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