Experience with Con Dao Express 36 High Speed Boat

Friday - 31/05/2019 10:41
Con Dao Express high-speed boat 36 Vung Tau - Con Dao highways operated by Phu Quoc Expressway Joint Stock Company, operating from February 15th. The ship attracted a large number of people and tourists to experience the sea voyage to Con Dao. Many people are satisfied with the service quality and service attitude of the crew and sailors.
At 7:00 AM on March 8, we arrived at Cau Da port (Bai Truoc, Vung Tau City) to go to Con Dao Express 36 to Con Dao. According to the announcement from the ticket agent, passengers must be present before the boat departs from 30 to 45 minutes so at this time, Cau Da port is quite crowded. At 7:15 minutes, the ship issued a notice to invite passengers to go to the ship. The Express 36 red body and Cau Da port view became the "check-in" address of many people before boarding the ship. We also enlisted a few photos to commemorate and join the flow of people into the ticket gate.
Due to there are nearly a dozen employees arranged to control tickets, assisting guests to carry their luggage on board, and instructing passengers to sit on the right seats, so they can get on the boat quite quickly. The warm attitude, enthusiastic attitude and friendly smile of the receptionist made many people impressed. Ms. Mai Hoang Nga, a visitor from Hanoi said: “This is the first time I experience going to Con Dao. Nice boat, comfortable seats. Walkway on board is wide. Service staff with a cheerful, polite, devoted attitude”.
At exactly 8 o'clock, the ship departed, starting the voyage to Con Dao. When the boat runs for about 10 minutes, the door to the deck is open allowing passengers to enter and exit the scene. The deck area is quite wide, surrounded by an iron frame and a 2-layer arc-shaped steel railing making sure, safe handrails. The ship turned white foam waves, the National flag flew on the roof, Big Mountain and the whole of Front Beach. The charming sky picture makes everyone excited and enlists "check in" to record beautiful moments with friends and relatives.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhien (Ward 2, Vung Tau City) said: Before, every time I went to Con Dao, I had to move to Vung Tau from Vung Tau. Ho Chi Minh City to fly, just inconvenient but quite high ticket prices, it is difficult to buy. So when there is a ship, she must experience it. "This sea is calm and calm. Sitting on the deck watching the boats passing by, immense sky and sea, inhaling the sea breeze, feeling comfortable, extremely comfortable. The boat departs on time, 4 hours later to Con Dao. The boat runs smoothly, so I don't get seasick. I will share this feeling with friends for everyone to experience, ”said Nguyen Thi Nhien.
Con Dao Express high-speed boat 36 Vung Tau - Con Dao highways invested, exploited and operated by Phu Quoc High Speed ​​Joint Stock Company from February 15. The vessel has a capacity of 598 passengers, equipped with 4 Rolls-Royce MTU engines, reaching a maximum speed of 35 knots (about 60km / hour). Every day, the boat departs from Cau Da port (Vung Tau city) to Ben Dam port (Con Dao) at 8 o'clock and returns at 13:30 in the day. Ordinary days, economy class fare from 660 thousand VND / turn, VIP class is 1.2 million VND / turn, the elderly and children 550 thousand VND / turn. From Friday to Sunday and on holidays, Tet, VIP seat prices do not change; Normal seats are 880,000 VND / adult; 700 thousand VND for the elderly and children. Guests are provided with free drinks and cold towels. In addition, the ship also serves soft drinks, instant noodles.
According to Mr. Vu Van Khuong, Chairman and General Director of Phu Quoc High Speed Boat Joint Stock Company, since the opening date of operation, the exploitation capacity of Con Dao Express 36 high-speed boat is quite good, the day is often reached. 60% and always available on weekends. Facing the increasing travel demand, the company is building a similar ship, which is expected to launch in May to serve the travel needs of people and visitors this summer.
Also according to Mr. Vu Van Khuong, Con Dao Express 36 high-speed boat is designed according to European standards and ensures national standards for high-speed ship building and classification. The ship is equipped with 2 large lifeboats, a life buoy system and individual buoys for guests along the hull. Advantages of double-hull vessels are safety, balance and high stability, minimizing seasickness. However, for passengers who are not familiar with the wind and waves, we still recommend that guests restrict movement on the ship, equipped with anti-seasickness medicine to have a happy and safe journey.
Source: baobariavungtau.com.vn

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