Con Dao National Park releases 2 individuals of rare and precious turtles to the sea

Friday - 31/05/2019 10:49
In the afternoon of May 3, 2019, in the area of Dam Tre Bay under the marine component of Con Dao National Park (BRVT province), the Management Board of Con Dao National Park has released 2 sea turtles located in Rare and precious area weighs 10 kg and 5 kg back to nature.
Here are 2 individuals of rare sea turtles belong to the category of Hawksbill (scientific name Eretmochelysimbricata) and Vích (scientific name is Chelonia mydas). Both are rare and precious animal species listed in the Red Book, endangered in Vietnam. All turtles have black stripes; Hawksbill turtles weigh 5 kg, 37 cm long and 31 cm wide; Giant turtles weigh 10 kg, 43 cm long and 39 cm wide. They have good condition.
Earlier, an owner who bought seafood in Phuoc Hai commune, Dat Do district, BR-VT province bought from fishermen who went to scratch the two individuals mentioned above. This is a rare and precious animal in the red book so he was raised with the intention of "liberating" nature.
Through the study, Con Dao National Park has been doing well the preservation of marine turtles for many years and sent Nguyen Quoc An (a friend who has the opportunity to travel to Con Dao) to hand over to Con Dao National Park Management Board. . Immediately after arriving in Con Dao, Nguyen Quoc An handed over these two individuals to the Con Dao National Park Management Board.
According to the Decree 160 of November 12, 2013 of the Prime Minister on criteria for determining species and management regimes under the List of rare and endangered species prioritized for protection, these are two individuals in the list of endangered species. Rare levels are prioritized for protection.
After receiving, the forest protection force of the National Park carried out the handover procedures in accordance with the provisions of law and quickly brought 2 individuals of rare sea turtles to the natural environment in Dam Tre Bay area.
Currently, Con Dao National Park has 14 Turtle beaches laying eggs with a total area of ​​tens of thousands of m2. Some breeding grounds of Tortoise have a large area such as: big sandy beach of Bay Canh island, Hon Cau, Tre Lon Island, Hon Tai and Bai Duong Hon Bay Canh. At present, these 5 large yards are arranged with 5 forest protection stations to protect natural resources and conserve marine turtles. Each ranger station has between 5 and 8 guards.

Every year, from May to October there are more than 400 mother turtles on the above sandbanks of Con Dao National Park nesting, laying eggs. In the high season, in some big beaches such as Bay Canh and Hon Tre, every night there are 10-20 mother turtles to nest.
It is known that the implementation of the Sea Turtle Rescue Project is supported by the International Fund for Nature Protection (WWF); Since 1995, the Management Board of Con Dao National Park has saved more than 21,000 sea turtle eggs, 1.5 million hatched and released to the sea, the rate of hatching eggs over 80%, wearing tracking cards Biological characteristics over 2,000 individual adult turtles. In 2009, Con Dao National Park was set a record by the Vietnam National Records Book Center as a place for the most natural sea turtle in Vietnam; setting the record is the only place in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province full of ecological forms.
Each year, Con Dao National Park welcomes tens of thousands of tourists to visit and relax. In particular, what the Community has achieved in the conservation of marine turtles has contributed to enriching local tourism services. Today, referring to Con Dao, people not only know this is a famous place of our country by the national special historical relics but also the largest turtle sanctuary in Vietnam. In it, watching turtles laying eggs in Con Dao is a very meaningful, interesting activity and this activity also created a 'brand' that only exists in Con Dao.

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