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Implementing plan No. 50 on June 16, 2017 of the People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province on surveying and determining (the scope of sea border zone), areas of restricted activities, restricted areas in the border area of the sea and location and number of signs in the coastal zone; On June 4, Con Dao Border Guard Station presided over and coordinated with agencies, units and residential areas in the district to organize the installation of 3 coastal border markers at Co Ong, Ben Dam and Con Dao center
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It is known that the sea border area is calculated from the national border on the sea into all administrative boundaries of communes, wards and towns adjacent to the sea and islands and archipelagoes. The national maritime border is the outer boundary of the territorial sea of the mainland, the territorial sea of the island, the territorial sea of the islands of Vietnam; National maritime boundaries are defined and marked with coordinates on the sea chart.
In the territorial waters, internal waters or historic waters of Vietnam adjacent to the territorial waters, internal waters or historic waters of neighboring countries, the national maritime boundaries are determined by agreement between the common countries. The sea area is in conformity with international treaties that Vietnam has signed.
Colonel Nguyen Van Nang - Politician Deputy Head of Border Station of Con Dao said: (Quote from reporter: The insertion of this sign ... has significance for the lives of people in the area with signs ... toward the frontier will organize extensive propaganda for people to understand.

Con Dao is one of 26 sea border zone in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. The landmark of the sea border area in the province in general and Con Dao district in particular has a very important role. First of all help people understand more about the territory, territorial position, territorial sea, baseline, exclusive economic zone, continental shelf ... When there are any signs of infringing on the sea border area People can identify and report to authorities. At the same time, individuals and organizations entering the above mentioned areas are also aware that this is a "sea border area".
According to the plan, after plugging the border marker, Con Dao Border Guard Station will widely propagate the purpose and meaning of plugging the sign of "sea border area" to people of 10 residential areas so that people can understand and participate in building, managing and protecting Vietnam's maritime border areas.

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