Opening Con Dao food festival

Friday - 31/05/2019 10:05
Continuing the chain of activities to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Liberation of the South, 44 years of liberating Con Dao and celebrating 40 years of the Con Dao Special National Historic Site (April 29, 1979) -29/4/2019); Evening April 27th, Con Dao district held the opening ceremony of food festival in 2019.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Anh Nhut - Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee said: Food Festival is a local activity to celebrate the big holidays in April and May; At the same time, it is an opportunity which help Con Dao introduces to domestic and international friends and visitors the image of Con Dao people and land friendly, close and hospitable. At the same time, helping tourists and friends near and far have a chance to feel more deeply about the cultural and spiritual life of people from remote areas. Through this culinary festival, visitors understand more about the culinary culture typical of Vietnam and Vietnam in general. Contributing to promoting and introducing the potentials and strengths of the local tourism service industry for tourists and friends who are near and far to know and can invest in developing tourism service activities and culture at Con Dao.
Participating in the culinary festival is the presence of more than 50 stalls of restaurants, hotels, Women's Union and the Executive Board of the Residential areas in the district. In particular, the booths display and serve business hundreds of regional dishes and soft drinks of all kinds.
Also at the festival, the typical products and dishes of the locality, such as squid a sunny, a sunny mackerel, jam ... are also sold, so visitors can both enjoy and buy gifts.
Mr. Nguyen Bao Long - a tourist from Yen Bai province - said: (Quote an interview: I went to Con Dao for tourism and met the culinary festival, my whole group was very happy; from now on, I have eaten a lot of delicious dishes and prices Seeing the rich food and the beautiful space, our group was very happy and did not think that the remote Con Dao would also organize this kind of activity, it was unexpected.)
With three bustling festival areas and many rich activities, such as: food stall, children's book introduction, folk game area, street art performance, talented music exchange,… du Guests will have interesting experiences for the first time organized on a large scale, basically on the island district. Not only rich in food and drink, the booths are also beautifully decorated and attractive display. Along with that, the festival space is decorated with colorful flower lights and shimmer.

Mr. Phan The Bao - resident of No.5 - said: (Quote an interview: I am a person at Con Dao , long time ago I saw a festival of this scale, the atmosphere was very happy and many stalls. I also hope that the district will organize many activities like this while serving local people and developing tourism.
This is one of the eight main activities taking place in the district on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the special national historic area of Con Dao, 44 years of the South's defense and the liberation of Con Dao. Thereby, to create a joyful atmosphere for tourists and local people during the holidays, introduce the brand, products and special dishes of Con Dao; contributing to promoting the image of Con Dao tourism to tourists, proceeding to form local tourism products to serve tourists.
The festival is held in the evening, from April 27th to April 30th on Nguyen Hue - Le Hong Phong Street. From the beginning of opening night, the festival attracted the participation of numerous local people and near and far tourists.

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