Commemoration of 51 soldiers killed in Con Dao

Monday - 27/05/2019 20:39
On the evening of July 12, the Organizing Committee of Con Dao prisoners’ Death anniversary held a commemoration for 51 soliders executed in Con Dao during the period from October 29, 1947 to November 6, 1953 at Lo Voi beach.

On 19h July 12th, the Organizing Committee and a large number of former political prisoners from all over the country and Con Dao people were present at Lo Voi beach to hold a memorial service for 51 soldiers executed in Con Dao during the period from October 29, 1947 to November 6, 1953. Of the 51 soldiers, Comrade Vo Van Sau and Comrade Ho Van Nam posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces.

Mr. Trinh Van Lau, Head of Organizing Committee burned incense to commemorate 51 heroes martyrs

Speaking at the memorial service, comrade Trinh Van Lau said: "It was 70 years since the death penalty in Con Dao. The last prisoner was executed 64 years ago. Con Dao prison and South of Viet Nam were completely liberated for 42 years. Today, we have the opportunity to hold a solemn memorial service. This is a sentimental act but it was made too late. However, we are fortunate and proud to be the first people undertaking this. This will contribute to the clarification of a sacred historical site with identity, specific date of the death of 51 national heroes who sacrificed for the cause of struggling for Viet Nam’s liberty.

What happened in the past made this place now become evidence of the crimes of the French colonialists during Viet Nam invasion. With the practical actions as this commemoration, we showed gratefulness to soliders fell for national independence. This act also contribute to educate patriotism and mean of independence in the vivid and profound way for Vietnamese people.

The Organizing Committee announced the decision to recognize three new special national level relics such as: the First Prisoner Cemetery (1862 - 1900), crematorium of prisoners and execution grounds in Con Dao Three new relics will be built as memorial sites in the future and added to destinations in Con Dao Prison system . Con Dao people and who care these relics will be visited in the near future.

On the morning of July 13 (on the 20th of June lunar calendar), the Organizing Committee held the 6th shared death anniversary for Martyrs, Heroes and patriots sacrificed in Con Dao prison at Con Dao Temple.

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