Con Dao is one of the ecotourism, resort and spiritual attractive destination so visitors come here all year round. In the past, visitors often came to Con Dao by air tours, which was conducted through limited flights of Vasco company. The speedboat

Monday - 27/05/2019 21:10
Notes: Con Dao - the sacred land grows up

Although being in the middle of the sea, Con Dao is still one of the familiar place with tens of millions of Vietnamese and many international tourists.

This is not a rich and vibrant island as Singapore. It is also not mysterious as Okinoshima of Japan which has been classified as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. But Con Dao is so strange that anybody wish to come here once.  And who came once will look forward to coming back here. Con Dao is not just an island!

1 / Although we have come to Con Dao many times, but when taking the mission in Con Dao, we can not avoid expecting. The plan took off at 9:10 am, but VASCO's small aircraft had to wait for an hour to receive the taking off oder from the Flight Operations Center. However, the wait did not make us tired, but it increased our eagerness, expecting untill plane landing at Co Ong airport in Con Dao.

An item in the "Sacred Vietnam" TV program at Hang Duong cemetery, Con Dao - Picture: To Nguyen

We happened to meet a comrade who is former State leaders from Hanoi on the plane. He went to Ho Chi Minh City and was getting the plane to visit Con Dao where many soldiers, comrades, his teammates sacrificed and exiled. Although the top row was empty, the former leader did not want to choose that seats. He still sat in the last row. We also met monks carrying white flowers baskets and gift boxes with the words "For Ms Vo Thi Sau"...

Going back to Con Dao is returning to the sacred land in July to grate heroic martyrs. Although no one told anyone, in the heart of each person inscribed merits of the heroic martyrs who fell down for peace, independence of the country. I suddenly thought that if each person try to reduce or remove a little selfish, they will feel more responsible, closer together and more sympathizing, sharing with each other ... Coming to Con Dao, the ego of everyone seems to be small. That is right! Con Dao has been and will continue to bring positive changes in the minds and thoughts of many people, many generations.

Con Dao has been "hell of the earth" for 113 years. This is place the French colonialists and American imperialism imprisoned tens of thousands of revolutionary soldiers, patriots.

Con Dao is not so big, but it contains a great historical treasure of our Army and people. This land is a symbol of unforgettable patriotism and a great aspiration for peace, a dream of reaching to the greatnesses ! Pier 914 - where about 914 prisoners have fallen during time of construction of the pier; There is also the place witnessed the ultimate joy when revolutionary prisoners were taken out of the prisons on the day of great victory. About 356 prisoners fell at Ma Thien Lanh bridge. Every inch in soil and every tree are dyed fresh blood of  how many loyal and  brave revolutionary soldiers!

The land can not speak but "souls in Con Dao land" has the sacred consensus!

Soldiers were collecting gargages on the beach - Photo: To Nguyen

2 / The press-propaganda delegation were come back to Con Dao sacred land to burn incense for commemorating the heroes, martyrs dedicating their lives to the motherland on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of  VietNam’s war invalids- martyrs Day  (27/7/1947 - 27/7/2017). Inside the long, dark hallway of E-F area, we found a room with the number 30 - the detaining place of communist, a excellent theorist Tran Trong Tan at Phu Binh prison.

The detainee was detained in room 45, the EF row is Ha Van Hien - husband of former Vice president Truong My Hoa. He also visited his detention room where he stayed in a long time. Although stretched the ligaments, he tried to walk quickly to two rooms where he and his famous comrade were imprisoned. "Tran Trong Tan and I did not have time to be detained together, but in Con Dao, almost all prisoners knew comrade Hai Tan. He was a staunch communist, a "red professor" in prison with the study of Marxist-Leninist theory.

The area near the pier 914 has become a popular beach for tourists - Photo: To Nguyen

3 / Coming back Con Dao this time, we feel distinctly the change of the land used to be horrified land of many people. "Kunlun easy to come but difficult to return”; “The Old men go away, the young men leave their bone”. The face of Con Dao today differed from the face of old Kunlun which was full of prisons, barbed wire, guns and deaths. Con Dao now brighten vitality every minute, every hour ...

Former Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, former Vice President Truong My Hoa has spent nearly four years in Con Dao prison; After the liberation of the South, she returned to Con Dao a few times to visit her comrades, who had bravely sacrificed. She talked to us about the change of Con Dao while waiting for the plane at Co Ong airport. Vice President Truong My Hoa said in emotion that it was a great change because Con Dao in the past only have prisons, the tyranny of the enemy and the spirit of indomitable struggle of the revolutionary soldiers! Today, Con Dao has many new infrastructures such as spacious roads, vast schools, modern hospital. At the same time, people built many new houses, did good business. Even some people become rich; Many relics are embellished, preserved and exploited more reasonable. People have a peaceful life with full of hope!

The advantage of the island is in the middle of the sea with many beautiful beaches, clean environment and quite wild, fresh seafood ... so in recent years, Con Dao increasingly attracts domestic and international tourists. Comrade Nguyen Anh Nhut - Vice Chairman of Con Dao District People's Committee said that the socio-economic situation of Con Dao district (Ba Ria - Vung Tau province) achieved many targets and exceeded the plan in 2016 and the first six months of 2017.

Con Dao in the past with blood dyeing of heroes, martyrs every inch of soil, every tree. The heroic, everlasting tradition never fades in the heavens on the earth and in the heart of Vietnamese people in general, Con Dao people in particular. Con Dao today put on his new shirt. The development happens day by day, hour by hour here. "Hell on the earth" in the past became the second pearl island in the south - along with Phu Quoc Island to contribute to development of Vietnam.




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