To unveil the last moments of legendary heroine Vo Thi Sau

Monday - 27/05/2019 21:15
They tied up Ms. Sau at a tree stump toward Hang Duong cemetery. They covered her face with a towel, but Ms. Sau protested against the cover. She still looked directly at the soldiers and proudly sang “Chien si Viet Nam”, “Len dang” …

Find out more valuable documents about the heroine - martyr Vo Thi Sau

At the event of "Books of gratitude" took place in Hanoi on the 70th anniversary of Vietnm’s war invalids and martyrs Day (27/7/1947 - 27/7/2017) , Colonel - writer Nguyen Hong Thai - Director, Editor-in-Chief of People’s Police of Vietnam Publishing House has introduced nearly 100 books on this subject.

At the same time, on behalf of People’s Police of Vietnam Publishing House, writer Nguyen Hong Thai provides precious documents for readers and journalists about the heroine - martyr Vo Thi Sau to clear the bad rumors appearing on social networking last time.

“ We don’t know why has the rumor that Vo Thi Sau is not a real person on the Internet. We are very sad and indignant at this slander and fabricated information " writer Nguyen Hong Thai expressed the anger.

Colonel, writer Nguyen Hong Thai - Director, Editor-in-Chief of People’s Police of Vietnam Publishing House provides documents about heroine - Martyr Vo Thi Sau to clear the bad rumors, not true last time at the session of introducing "The Books of Gratitude" on 26th July 2017.

According to writer Nguyen Hong Thai, Vo Thi Sau - a young volunteer girl, Dat Do girl was born in 1933, died in 1952. Vo Thi Sau was introduced as a typical heroine - martyr in the book “The war invalids and martyrs of People’s Police of Vietnam” published in 2007.

“Vo Thi Sau stood proudly in front of the gun of the enemy, made them tremble with fear and must close their eyes when they shot her. With outstanding achievements in fighting, courageous resilience in prison, Comrade Vo Thi Sau was posthumously awarded the title Heroine of the People's Armed Forces on August 2, 1993” writer Nguyen Hong Thai quoted content of the book.

Writer Nguyen Hong Thai also provided more information about "Feelings of Dat Do" by Colonel Le Van Thien (former deputy director of Ho Chi Minh City Police) to fight against wrong allegations.

The writer said: "Colonel Le Van Thien was detained in Con Dao prison in 1960. He stayed with a criminal prisoner – Tam Vang in a room. Tam Vang is person who witnessed the execution of Vo Thi Sau by French colonialists in Hang Duong. After that he buried Ms Vo Thi Sau. Tam Vang told this to Colonel Le Van Thien. The colonel stated in his book "Feelings of Dat Do": "…When exiled to Con Dao, he was in the same room with a man named Tam Vang. He is the oldest prisoner, 70 years old, has been in prison for more than 40 years. The colonel was trusted by Mr. Tam Vang so Tam Vang talked him about the day of shooting heroine Vo Thi Sau and the acts that he was directly witnessed.

To write the book "Feelings of Dat Do," in addition to the words of Tam Vang, Colonel Le Van Thien met many witnesses mentioned by Tam Vang.

Event of heroine Vo Thi Sau fiercely fought in front of the enemy touched many people, many classes, including the people of the other side and the French colonial and also gave them admiration. So far millions of people have visited Vo Thi Sau grave in Hang Duong cemetery, Con Dao. Especially families of civil servants, supervisors in Con Dao mostly worshipped her in their house home ... "

Author Dang Vuong Hung, shared the following information: "There is some mixed information about Vo Thi Sau. That is very sad thing. I believe that the truth is still the truth, the misinformation, the distortion will pass away, and someone who have such thoughts will pay for what they did.”

Unveiling the last moments of legendary heroine

According to Colonel Le Van Thien, during his imprisonment in Con Dao, he was imprisoned in a room with a prisoner named Tam Vang, 70 years old, from Tra Vinh. France sentenced him to life imprisonment, forced labor and expatriated. Despite being a civil prisoner, Tam Vang used to be a reputation larrikin and has spent more than 40 years in Con Dao prison. After converting by revolutionary

soldiers, Mr. Tam Vang step by step changed his mind and chose to live meaningfully.

Watching the manner and the way of life of the fellow prisoner, Mr. Tam Vang believed and told the events of the execution of Ms Vo Thi Sau to Mr Le Van Thien.

This is the segment where Tam Vang recounts the last moment of Ms Vo Thi Sau in "Feelings of Dat Do": "About 4 am on 23rd January, 1952, in the middle of northeast wind season, the big waves convulsively lap the shore, the overcast sky, there were clamours from the prison rooms:"Opposition to execute Ms Vo Thi Sau. Protest! Protest! Down the French colonists." The lord island and his subordinates filled with terror and promptly ordered to lock the door of the prison rooms.

Picture of heroine Vo Thi Sau is re-screened in the film. Singer Thanh Thuy played Vo Thi Sau in the movie called "The Girl of Dat Do land", 1994.

They tied up Ms. Sau at a tree stump toward Hang Duong cemetery. They covered her face with a towel, but Ms. Sau protested against the cover. She still looked directly at the soldiers and proudly sang “Chien si Viet Nam”, “Len dang”… The soldiers was from 15m distance her. They shot but she did not die. She still sang, her eyes still stared at the soldiers shooting her. The soldiers were so afraid to shoot. The lord of the island had to come near and screamed at the soldiers to shot again. "

According to the account of the character Tam Vang, when he untied her ropes for Ms Vo Thi Sau, her eyes were still open, her body was still warm. He was person who stroked her eyes. And for admiring Ms Sau, instead of filling up her body, Tam Vang secretly found four wooden planks to make the trunk, chose the last resting place and set up on the grave a cement stele for female soldiers of Volunteer Reconnaissance Police of Dat Do - Vo Thi Sau.

The writer Nguyen Hong Thai said, because of her braveness, stoutness before the enemy, after sacrificing, Vo Thi Sau is considered as sacred gods by many people. It is reason why all the officers, supervisors, soldiers of the old regime and their families when receiving the mission or coming to live in the island visit the grave of "Ms. Sau". Even they worshipped "Ms Sau" in their house...

Revolutionary life and indomitable death in the twenties of the daughter of Dat Do land has become a legendary:

"The girl is young as bamboo shoot

The enemy takes her to the beach

She walks between two rows of soldiers

Still smile airily

Cut off a fresh flower

She put it on her hair

Dauntlessly feed her head  

Right in the sacrifice moment

Now under the tree

She hears the sea singing... "

(From the poem "Legend on Con Son Island" by Phan Thi Thanh Nhan)




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