Eight of Vietnam's paradise islands which are so beautiful that tourists forget their way

Monday - 27/05/2019 23:56
Vietnam has many famous islands praised by international tourists. Sunking in immense and charm space with sea, sky, mountain,  you will certainly have an unforgettable time.

Phu Quoc is a famous jade island - an indispensable stop for many domestic and foreign tourists on the journey to explore Vietnam. Phu Quoc is voted as the top three tourism destinations in the winter by National Geographic or the top 10 Asian ideal sea travel destinations.

Four surface of Phu Quoc is the sea so there are beautiful beachs everywhere on the island. These beach are gentle and quiet sandy beach with clear water. The island is covered by the blue of the trees, 99 hills and beaches voted into the top of most beautiful of the region and the world.

Coming to this tiptop island, you can immerse yourself in the pristine space with the blue sea, white sand, golden sunlight and take a scuba diving to watch coral reef. At the same time you can enjoy modern services at Vinpearl amusement park.

Coming to Phu Quoc, you can feel secure that all your senses will be awakened and satisfied in the best way.

Recently, Ly Son Island is a hot tourist destination thanks to the beauty of paradise in earth.

Coming to Ly Son island, you will feel like you are immersed in the vast blue sky, with five high mountains creating  a unique and majestic landscape.

Beauty like the wonderland in Ly Son island.

On the top of the mountain are forests. There are many winding paths, some houses, some garlic fields. Garlic is a famous specialty of this place.

Garlic field - a famous specialty of Ly Son

If you want to swim, you should visit Be Island.You will certainly overwhelmed by the beauty beaches which words cannot describe here. To Vo Gate, Quan Am Dais, Hang Pagoda, Cau Cave and our flagpole on the top of Thoi Loi Mountain... are also famous toponyms that you can not ignore.

Co To Island (Quang Ninh) hides an attracttion by pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue water. The water here is so clear that you can see sand, Starfishes and snails at the bottom.

In addition to the blue sea, white sand and beautiful beaches such as Hong Van, Tan Chai, Co To also owns  many attractive and romantic spots such as Love road, Cau My rocky beach matching for couples take a walk, enjoy the sea with hands in hand.

If you are a natural explorer, getting up early and go to the sea to welcome the sunrise or sunset or camping in Co To is an experience can not be ignored.

Co To island is so beautiful that tourists do not want to go home.

Besides, getting up early to go to the market and buy seafood such as squid, oyster, ... then grilling on the coast is a wonder experience. If you are a skillful and meticulous man, you can create your own BBQ party on Co To beach.

Nam Du is a sea paradise island emerging in recent years. This is a very favorite island by  travelers. The island is the most remote archipelago of Kien Hai district (Kien Giang province), 83km from Rach Gia city by sea. Nam Du archipelago includes 21 islands.

Visitors go into ecstasy with  smooth, white sand beaches, blue sea and shiny black rock like gems.

The beauty of the scene in Nam Du island.

In particular, the sea water is so clean and clear that you can see a whole world of magic under the sea when diving with simple tools such as snorkel and diving glasses.

One of the interesting activities you can join when coming to Nam Du is to visit fishing village, row with local people or dive for taking oysters.

Anyone has arrived in Binh Ba is immediately charming with the beauty of the island.

This place is like a wonderful and pure pearl with sapphire beaches, white and smoothly sand. Binh Ba Island is the very early dawn spot of Vietnam, so watching sunrise is an activity you can not ignore here. There are 3 beaches for you to choose Chuong Beach, Nom Beach and Cu Beach.

Binh Ba Island has smooth, white sand and blue water .

The famous specialty in Binh Ba is lobsters, so it is also called with the name Lobster Island. In addition, spices, squid, clam, scallop, all kinds of fishes ... are dishes loved by visitors.

Thu Islet

Thu Islet is also known as Phu Quy island, Khoai Xu island, or Thuan Tinh island ... This island located 120km from Phan Thiet. Its area is quite modest, but its gravity is hard to measure.

This place has been praised: It is like a waving dragon from the east, like a mighty fish from the north, and like a majestic whale in the boundless ocean from the southwest. Coming to Thu islet, you will really feel this wonderful beauty, a wonder created by creator in the middle of the sea.

Wonderful beauty of Thu ilet.

Cu Lao Thu also makes visitors love typical cuisine of the sea with freshness, delicious flavors. You can enjoy the space here by riding a motorbike, or risking with a canoe to desolate islets to catch snails, swim, take an experience the feeling forget everything, indulging in earth and sky.

For travel enthusiasts, Con Dao is an unforgettable place to come once in their lifetime. Vietnamese people are not only proud of Con Dao because of its military significance, its heroic history but also its rare beauty.

The island has been voted by many foreign news on the top 10 most attractive islands in the world, or top 20 islands contain the world's most mysterious ...

Coming to this place, you will experience the feeling of indulging in majesty of nature, the mountain, the endless sea. Con Dao has 200 km of coastline with dozens of beautiful and pristine beaches, clear blue water, colorful coral reefs such as An Hai, Dam Trau, Loi Loi, Suoi Chay, Hon Ba ...

The wild beauty of Con Dao.

In addition, you can visit Con Dao National Park with its rich fauna and flora and take a diving for watching corals or shark fishing. Finally, do not forget to visit the famous historical relics such as Con Dao prison, Hang Duong cemetery ... to commemorate heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation.

Ba Lua archipelago

It is called like "the diminishing Ha Long" in the South, the archipelago with a special name is a very interesting destination. Ba Lua archipelago is located in the Gulf of Thailand, belongs to Kien Luong district. It includes Heo island, Ngang island, Nhum Ba island and many other small islands.

At the low tide, the most interesting thing is it is possible to walk from one island to another without buoy or any other swimming aid.

The beauty of Ba Lua archipelago are like a paradise on earth.

The feeling of standing a place with all the four surfaces of sea makes you feel both afraid and excited. But these are not all, you can discover  desolate islets, experience the feeling of being the owner islet in a day.

In addition, many coconut trees planted on Ba Lua archipelago with fresh and cool coconut water  for you enjoy.





























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