Online hotel booking – necessary experience for every trip

Monday - 27/05/2019 22:12
Nowadays, it is easy to find full information on prices, quality of service as well as compare websites when booking a hotel before each trip.

It is thanks to the development of technology that has developed non-stop online hotel booking services in years past. Under it, these services bring the most comprehensive information when you need to make reservations. Here are some useful experiences of online hotel booking when traveling.

Online Travel Agent (OTA)

This is a fast growing business trend. OTAs always have the advantages that every hotel itself never has. Online hotel reservation services are agents who provide hotel information and reservation services. This is quite like ticket agents, traditional lottery agents, but OTA provides complete online booking services. Therefore, you can sit and book hotel rooms, peace of mind to travel without having to worry about finding hotel when you arrive.

Taking a online hotel booking to get commission

These are online hotel reservation agents. When you make a reservation through this hotel reservation service, you will be retained a portion of the commission before paying for the hotel. These commission can be up to 20% of the total room value. They will vary depending on the type of room, the quality, the price of the hotel, peak or low season.

The online prices are lower than the price when you book directly

When you book online through OTA services, you almost always enjoy with the price lower than direct booking because when you call the hotel you will often find the reception and the price room that receptionists always tell you is the listed price. Meanwhile the booking services always work with the highest management level of the hotel and they get better discount rates. Besides, online booking services have a huge customer base and the hotels data is so diverse that hotels have to chose to post on booking services the price after considering the price of the rival hotels.This makes the price on the hotel booking site is lower than the direct booking. - the hotel reservation service you should use is the largest hotel reservation service in the world. More than 350 million nights were booked through the system in 2016. This is a very popular reservation service in Europe, North America and many Asian countries, including Vietnam. The special thing of is that you can make reservations without paying immediately. will save your credit card information and will deduct money later. In addition, you can also make reservations without a credit card with

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