Things to know when coming to Con Dao

Monday - 27/05/2019 23:11
Coming to Con Dao, do not forget to enjoy delicious, strange-looking and extremely attractive food here.


This is a nutritious dish. Sipuncula is cooked with Edible Luffa to create a light sweet taste and enhance the flavor of this attractive dish.

Sipuncula is cooked with Edible Luffa

Shark salad

Another delicious dish that has attracted the guests is shark salad. The taste of soft, aromatic of fresh fish combined with the natural spices of apricot leaves, green banana, pineapple, star fruit ... and dipped with the sour  and pungent spicy sauce to make the specialty for shark salad.

Shark salad

Other seafood dishes in Con Dao

In addition, Con Dao also has many other seafoods that the most fastidious guests also must be satisfied by the fresh, attractive processing style of  three regions (northland, central, southland) and reasonable prices.

Grilled squid (squid were dried in the sun a day) with sweet and sour  fish sauce or chili sauce

Squid dried in the sun a day

Aluterus monoceros wrap in silver paper to grill

Fish cooked in a fishsauce bowl and hot cooked rice

Fish cooked in a fishsauce bowl

Salty Simmed shrimp

Salty Simmed shrimp









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