Con Dao attraction from the mysterious beauty

Monday - 27/05/2019 16:16
Con Dao has just been discovered recently, so it still preserves the pristine beauty

Con Dao is pristine, interesting

Con Dao is an offshore archipelago of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and is also known as Con Son or Con Lon. It is the largest island in the region and consists of 16 large and small islands.

Referring to Con Dao, people often refer to the prisoners of war with the historical wartime.So many people seem to forget that there are also beautiful beaches with blue water. Or the wide paved paths that bend around the beaches and the secrets of forests with its rich flora and fauna.

Coming to Con Dao can not miss

Dam Trau beautiful scene

Surely you will be ecstatic in front of the beautiful scenery of Dam Trau beach with fine white sand spread under the cliffs. Far away, on the large stone slabs are two large stone bunched together as a cuddle like forget about the things around.Take a look at the green mountains and blue water makes you forget the anxiety, sadness of life. Accompany it with a sense of peace sitting on the cool rocks to let your eyes drop off the waves off the coast and hear the wind on the trees.

Hon Bay Canh poetic

The entire island is covered with canopies of evergreen broad-leaved wetlands. Every year, hundreds of individuals go to Bay Canh to lay eggs and this is where the number of sea turtles to lay most in Vietnam.

You can enjoy swimming in the sea, playing with friends on the sandy beach or watching the turtles lay eggs.Diving to see coral is also one of the attractions attracts a large number of tourists, because there are no coral reefs as diverse as Bay Canh (many species in the Red Book of Vietnam) as: Dry plate type, table type, branch type..

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