The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism promulgated the Action Plan to implement Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW on tourism development to become a key economic sector

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:30
On 09/11/2017, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thien signed Decision No. 4215 / QD-BVHTTDL to promulgate Action Plan ofThe Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism implements Resolution No. 103 / NQ-CP dated 06/10/2017 of the Government Promulgating the Action Program to implement Politburo Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW dated 16/01/2017 on development of Tourism to become a key economic sector

Accordingly, besides the regular tasks, agencies and units under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism should organize the implementation of:

(1) Develop contents, organize and support the dissemination and dissemination of the contents of Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW and Resolution No. 103 / NQ-CP andthe Party's undertakings and policies and the State's law on tourist development to the ministries, branches, localities and agencies, organizations. It is the responsibility of the whole political system, all levels, sectors and the whole society to participate in tourism

(2) Advise the Government, the Prime Minister and the State Steering Committee on Tourism to direct, urge and coordinate the implementation of the Government's Action Program,periodically report to the Politburo, Secretariat on the implementation situation.

((3) Summarize and report annually and periodically the period up to 2020 to implement the Government's Action Program and propose the contents of the Action Program for the next periods

(4) Advise and recommend to the Government, the Prime Minister, the State Steering Committee on Tourism to amend and supplement specific contents during the implementation of the Government's Action Program

(5) To actively and proactively coordinate with the ministries, the ministerial-level agencies, the agencies attached to the Government and the People's Committees of the provinces and municipalities in performing the specific tasks assigned to them in the Program of Action The Government issued Resolution No. 103 / NQ-CP.

6) To perform the key tasks in the list issued together with this Decision, in which VNAT coordinates with related units:

- Organizing the dissemination, propagation and dissemination of contents of Resolution No. 08, the Law on Tourism, the Party's undertakings and policies and the State's law on tourist development;

- To deploy communication, popularization and replication of good tourism development in localities, civilized and friendly tourist communities;

- Develop a project to adjust the strategy and master plan for tourism development;

- Develop a project on restructure the tourism industry;

- Develop a project on linking the value chain of tourism product lines;

- To elaborate a scheme on exploitation and promotion of cultural and artistic values and heritages in service of tourist development;

- To formulate a scheme on raising the effectiveness of tourism promotion and advertisement;

- To formulate a master plan on the application of information technology in the field of tourism;

- Carry out the tasks of supporting the development of community tourism;

- To improve the capacity of the tourism workforce in state management, corporate governance and tourism;

- Deploy quality control programs for tourist accommodation, travel services and tourist guides;

- Periodically organize meeting and remove difficulties and obstacles for tourism enterprises.


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