The Government set up eight focus groups to develop tourism into a key economic sector

Monday - 27/05/2019 15:38
On 6/10/2017, the Government promulgated the Action Program to implement Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW dated 16/1/2017 of the 12th Politburo on tourism development to become the key economic sector.

Accordingly, the Government assigns the ministries, the ministerial-level agencies, the agencies attached to the Government, the People's Committees of the provinces and cities directly under the Government, besides their regular tasks, to concretize and organize the implementation 8 key task groups to bring tourism into the spearhead economy:

(1) Raise awareness about tourism development: To thoroughly disseminate the contents of Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW to ministries, branches, localities, Party organizations at all levels, the Fatherland Front, organizations, enterprises and classes people. In particular, the new views of the Party on the nature of the tourism industry are general economic, interdisciplinary, interregional, highly socialized, it has deep cultural contents, bringing about many economic, cultural, social, political, external and security and defense effects; the role and dynamics of the tourism industry promote the development of other sectors.

To build specialized pages and columns on the press media for propagation and dissemination, raising awareness and knowledge on tourist development in the society; promote the images, the country and people of Vietnam, ensure that tourism is one of the regular content, focused in the media program of the mass media.

(2) Restructuring the tourism sector: To formulate and implement a project on restructure the tourism industry to meet the requirements of development in the new situation operating under the market economy law. Localities with great potential and advantages in tourism development shall formulate plans on restructuring of the local tourism industry to meet the requirements of development in the new situation; to review and adjust the strategy and planning on tourist development, focus on the concentrated resources for the construction of dynamic areas for tourist development; to implement and complete the tourist statistics in order to clearly determine the position of the tourism industry in the overall development of the national economy and the localities with potential and advantages of tourism development.

(3) Improving institutions and policies: It will focus on building and finalizing documents guiding the implementation of the Law on Tourism 2017 ;Promulgating incentive policies and investment incentives for tourism; To prioritize the allocation of capital for the work of planning, training, development of human resources, advertisement of tourism promotion; promote the reform of administrative procedures to create favorable conditions for tourism development;to amend and supplement the list of investment preferences, including tourist projects in key localities, regions for the development of tourism and regions meeting with socio-economic difficulties but with great potential, advantages of tourism development; review, amend, implement the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam, the Investment Law 2014 and relevant laws, creating a breakthrough for the tourism industry.

(4) Investment in development of infrastructure and material facilities for tourism: To concentrate investment resources, building in key localities and regions for the development of tourism; to formulate, review and adjust strategies and plans on investment in the development of road, rail, air, sea and inland waterway transport infrastructures in service of tourist development, improving the capacity of transport links to tourist sites and destinations; to formulate schemes and projects for improvement of service quality, railway infrastructure, seaports and inland waterway ports exclusively used for tourism;to invest in the construction of rest stops on land road routes; ensuring traffic safety; enhancing aviation connectivity with tourist markets; to create favorable conditions for domestic and international airlines to open new routes linking Vietnam with the tourist market, increasing the frequency of available routes; resolving bottlenecksand overcrowding at airports; to encourage the formation of complex tourism service areas, large-scale tourism service projects, high-quality shopping centers and entertainment centers in key tourist destinations.

(5) Promoting tourism advertisement: to renovate the manner and contents of, and ensure the uniform, professional and effective implementation of, domestic and foreign tourism promotion activities; apply advanced technology in the promotion of tourism promotion; to build and locate the national tourism brand in association with the leading and unique images bearing the national cultural identity;promote the role of the media and the participation of the whole society in promotion activities; to mobilize the participation of Vietnamese organizations and individuals abroad in promoting promotion activities.

(6) Creating a favorable environment for businesses and communities to develop tourism: to build a healthy, transparent, equal and favorable tourist business environment for enterprises; ensuring security and safety for tourist activities;support start-up businesses in tourism business. To encourage enterprises to innovate, create and diversify tourist forms, products and services; associate tourism with activities, cultural products, arts, craft villages. Creating favorable conditions for people to directly participate in business and benefit from tourism; to build a civilized and friendly tourist community in dealing with tourists;support for community tourism development, rural tourism, ecotourism; promote the role of social and professional organizations in tourism development.

(7) Human resources development for tourism: to formulate and implement a scheme on renewing the operation mechanism and building the capacity of tourist training establishments, focus on strengthening the association between schools and enterprises in training activities;promote scientific applications of advanced technology in training. Improving the national standards on tourism in line with the standards in ASEAN; establishing the National Tourism Council and the Tourism Certification Board.

(8) Strengthening state management of tourism: to review and perfect the system of national standards and standards in the field of tourism along the direction of regional and international integration; improving the quality of planning and managing tourism development planning in a sustainable manner. Consolidating and raising the operational efficiency of the State Steering Committee for Tourism to meet the requirements of tourist development in the new situation; to study the model, organizational system, management of the tourism industry in a uniform, professional, effective, to raise the capacity, responsibilities and powers of the State management agencies in charge of tourism at the state and local levels, meeting the requirements of inter-branch and inter-regional management of tourism development in the new situation…


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