Nature preserves in the trend of tourism development in Vietnam

Monday - 27/05/2019 16:21
It is necessary to develop tourism in nature reserves, but strict regulations on the environment and conservation must be ensured.This is the opinion delivered by the majority of delegates at the conference "Nature Reserve in the wave of tourism development in Vietnam" held on 4/10/2017 in Hanoi ..

Seminar "Nature Reserve before wave of tourism development in Vietnam"

Seminar "Nature Reserve in the wave of tourism development in Vietnam" co-organized by the Center for People & Nature in collaboration with Forest Science and Technology Association of Vietnam and Forest & Environment Magazine.Some of the main issues discussed included inadequacies in nature preserve management and mainstreaming development in nature conservation nowadays; decentralization, decentralization and inter-ministerial cooperation in policy making, decision making (investment) and monitoring of tourism development in the protected area system; establish scientific foundations for policy options and decisions to develop tourism in nature preserves...

The comments at the panel said that tourism will be a strong development trend in Vietnam, including the development of nature reserves.Doctor Le Hoang Lan (Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment of Vietnam) said that tourism development in nature reserves is necessary.It is important to have an accurate environmental impact assessment before each licensed tourism development project, strictly non-encroachment on nature preserves. If the nature reserve loses its natural values and biodiversity, the value of tourism is no longer available.

According to Dr. Pham Hong Long (Department of Tourism Studies, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities), tourism models have been implemented in some nature reserves and national parks.However, the problem is that tourism has not developed adequately with potential; not fully adhering to the principles of sustainable development; has not attracted the participation of the community; some hot spots cause negative impacts…The proposal is to develop tourism in nature reserves must be sustainable, responsible, avoid the development of mass.More importantly, there is a need for a national strategy for sustainable tourism development in nature reserves.

From a policy, institutional and legal point of view, some experts believe that there are overlaps in planning, the inadequacies of the law and the implementing documents have contributed to the loophole that led to forest encroachment.In addition, the functions, tasks, and organization of the nature reserve management agency at the local level should be clear between executive functions, state management or scientific research functions,administrative affairs, conservation ...

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