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The environmental situation of the air, water sources, domestic waste and marine waste at the moment is polluted, which affects human life and health. Focusing on deploying green, clean and beautiful environmental protection measures at Con Dao is absolutely necessary.

                      Mr. Le Van Phong, Secretary of District Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Con Dao district, delivered a speech to a launching enviromental ceremony.
Every year, the People's Committee of Con Dao district develops many program plans (Plan No. 145 / KH-UBND dated June 3, 2020) to launch "Month of action for the environment" in response to the  the World environment, Vietnam Sea and Islands Week, World Ocean Day 2020 as well as launching a green - clean - beautiful Saturday ceremony in Con Dao district. In which, directing to focus on implementing the following solutions:
Building and increasing the broadcasting time for featured films and documentaries with themes on the protection of marine environment, climate change, marine biodiversity, sea and island sovereignty, typical examples of organizations or individuals on protection maritime sovereignty. Propagating and disseminating lines and policies of the Party,  as well as laws and policies of the State on issues related to the sea and islands of Vietnam. To thoroughly propagate the Resolution of the Eighth Conference of the 12th Party Central Committee (Resolution 36-NQ / TW) on Sustainable Development Strategy Vietnam's marine economy to 2030, with a vision to 2045.  Hanging banners, posters and slogans in the public regions from June 29 to July 3, 2020. Presentation of trailer and propaganda reports on Sea and Islands Week Vietnam and World Ocean Day 2020 on a led screen installed at the center of Con Son. (Information, communication materials posted at the Portal Electronic information of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, address; General Department of Sea and Islands of Viet Nam, address:; center communication resources and environment, address:  Launching the movement in response to the Vietnam Sea and Islands Week and World Ocean Day and activities of hanging banners, cleaning the coast to coastal tourism business here. Propaganda activities launched in the residential area for the Youth Union members on Vietnam Sea and Islands Week, World Ocean Day and issues problem related to sea, island. Organizing tourist propaganda to limit carrying plastic waste that is at risk of polluting in Con Dao. Tourism businesses limit the use of plastic waste, plastic bags, and replacing plastic products.

 The ceremony of launching environmental action month in Con Dao.

Organizing practical activities to respond to Vietnam Sea and Islands Week associated with activities in response to the green-clean-beautiful Saturday movement  Every Saturday, volunteers, organizations and individuals join hands to clean at offices, units, business organizations, tourist sites, beaches, tourist resorts in Con Dao.
On electric vehicles, taxis, passenger cars, inland watercraft, it is equipped with garbage cans to collect and dispose of garbage at the prescribed place. Deploying acts of handling environmental administrative violations. Strengthening inspection and control, reminding people and tourists to protect the environment in Con Dao district.
 Launching the movement for officers and soldiers to clean Con Dao beaches
The model of ball fish eating rubbish at Con Dao beach excites and stimulates tourists to discard rubbish.


Source: Hai Nhan; Translator: My Phuong.

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