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Sunday - 16/08/2020 10:48
Hundreds of Youth Union members, tourists and Con Dao residents were silent at Pier 914 during the time of the "I love my country" Journey program on the morning of July 26, right on the occasion of tribute to matyrs heroes.


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Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Permanent Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union, presented gifts to Ms. Nguyen Thi Ny and former political prisoners of Con Dao at the Journey "I love my country" phase 3.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ny (81 years old, former Con Dao prison) constantly wiped her tears when she talked about the days fighting with comrades, and was imprisoned in "hell on earth". Her story has touched the island's inhabitants, young people and tourists, tears in their eyes.
Ms. Ny was born and raised in Tien Giang, joined the Dong Khoi movement in Ben Tre and Tien Giang, and then joined soldiers commando in Saigon. In 1971, she was arrested. She was detained in turn at Thu Duc and Tam Hiep camps and then exiled to Con Dao. The whips of the enemy, the brutal torture of the enemy still could not crush the will of the communist soldier who was just over 30 years old. In 1974, she was handed over at Loc Ninh (Binh Phuoc). Returning to her normal life with many injuries, she continued to work in the locality. In 1983, she returned to Con Dao and decided to stick with the blood-soaked land, of her teammates, her youth ... Mrs. Ny married when she was 40 years old, but had no children as a result of the tortures left.

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Former female prisoner of Con Dao shared that she still felt happy because she was still alive. She said, she was luckier than her inmates, when they had to lie down here forever. Currently, she lives alone due to her husband's death, but she is not alone, while still receiving the attention of the authorities at all levels, associations, unions, neighbors, especially the young generations who visit, encourage, help her clean the house. She confided: "Every prisoner of Con Dao has a deep nostalgia for his inmates, unforgettable years ... To me, those two nostalgia are always realized by action.". She often revisits the detention place and burns incense for comrades. Therefore, when she was back in Con Dao, when she was healthy and she missed her inmates that Ms. Ny carried a basket of fruits, carried a bunch of incense to the Hang Duong Cemetery, offered incense, commemorating the comrades who fell.
Participating in the Journey "I love my country", visiting Hang Duong Cemetery, listening to the story of Ms. Ny, visiting the prison system of Con Dao, deeply touched the youth union members. Mr. Hoang Long (from Hanoi) witnessed with his own eyes the solitary confinement cells, simulations of prisoners being imprisoned, tortured with all kinds of cruel tortures, sleeping in shackles and chains. ... made him unable to help but admire the iron will of them. Hoang Long said that Journey is an unforgettable experience for him, these experiences motivate him the aspirations of youth, more love for the country, and more cherish his values, to live and work in peace, freedom ...


The third stage of the Journey "I love my country" in 2020, co-organized by the Central Vietnam Youth Union, the Vietnam Youth Union of the province, and the companion unit of VietJet Airlines, in Con Dao. With the theme "July of gratitude" associated with the 73rd anniversary of War Invalids - Martyrs Day, The program started at 6 am, with incense offering, the commemoration of martyrs heroes at Hang Duong Cemetery, followed by many activities, such as: Talking, visiting, giving gratitude to policy families, visiting and encouraging soldiers at the Border Guard Station of Con Dao … Especially, after the visiting ceremony, the Journey "I love my country" was carried out right at Pier 914, attracting more than 300 youths, members and nearly a thousand tourists.


Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Permanent Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union, said the Journey "I love my country" in 2020 was organized into 4 stages, starting from April 29. , and ends on September 2, to tribute to the contributions made by the generations of forefathers who have contributed to bringing peace and national independence; continuing with forefathers to show love for the country with concrete and practical actions contributing to the cause of building and defending the country, participating in national development and supporting the community.
In BR-VT, "I love my country" Journey has been launched for many years among all young people and members in the area. From 2014 up to now, through the Journey, all levels of the Association have taken on more than 2,018 youth projects for social security; organized 45 classes of science and technology transfer, 19 classes of informatics universalization for 3,670 turns of youth union members; organized 738 sessions of political, ideological, ethical and lifestyle education for more than 26,000 youths, 868 traditional activities, back to the origin, find the red address for 32 thousand youth union members; established nearly 700 clubs, teams, groups of volunteers to participate in rural infrastructure development, environmental landscape construction, security and traffic safety maintenance ... Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, President of Vietnam Youth Union province provides information.

Source:; Translated by Tuan Long

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