Extracurricular activities on protection of natural resources and environment

Monday - 27/05/2019 12:33
In order to raise the sense of protection of natural resources and environment for pupils in the district; Recently, Management Board of Con Dao National Park in collaboration with Vo Thi Sau Secondary School - High School held extra-curricular activities on protection of natural resources and environment for pupils at Dam Trau Beach - Con Dao district.

Participating in this activity, nearly 50 the seventh class students of Vo Thi Sau Secondary - High School have been introduced on process of formation and development of Con Dao National Park by the staff of Management Board of Con Dao National Park. Marine biodiversity of Con Dao and national significance of marine conservation in Vietnam and dissemination of legal documents on protection of natural resources and the environment.

Speaking about purpose and significance of this activity, Ms.Nguyen Thi Bich Hong - Head of Tourism, Con Dao National Park Management Board - said: (In interview: In the past time, the unit has coordinated with agencies, units and schools to organize propaganda activities to protect natural resources and environment of Con Dao, in which students are engaged in activities to ...)

After propaganda on the contents of environmental and natural resources protection, students were divided into four teams to participate in advocacy games and answer questions related to knowledge of Con Dao Sea and forest resources protection, such as: Sea Turtle Rescue; Forest ecosystems, marine ecosystems, biodiversity and rare native species of animals, plants, unique natural creatures of Con Dao; strict forbidden behaviours before entering Con Dao National Park. In particular, through presentation of each team on topic of protection of Con Dao natural resources and environment, they expressed the viewpoints, responsibilities to problem of littering in entertainment areas, public places; Through that, propose specific measures to contribute to make Con Dao increasingly green - clean - beautiful.

Tran Huynh Minh Chau, a student in 7A,Vo Thi Sau Secondary – High School, said: "I find this activity very meaningful, helping us to have a good playing field and also educate them. You are aware of environmental protection by practical activities such as: Do not litter indiscriminately, do not step on coral, propagate for people not to hunt rare wild animals, ...)

It is known that in the school year, Vo Thi Sau Secondary - High School has always paid attention to propaganda, awareness education of environmental protection and natural resources of Con Dao through activities such as designing campus, planting trees, making bathtub of flowers, lawns; delightful, green classroom, bring a good education environment, safe and harmony with nature; incorporating in the classroom with many educational contents forCon Dao environment protection... Therefore, not only have the sense of environment protection, they also remind friends and relatives to do trees protection and throw garbage at right place.

Do Hoang Kim Ngan - Student in class 7B, Vo Thi Sau Secondary – High School - said: (Interview: I am very proud of the people of Con Dao, where the climate is fresh, many green trees, blue sea, beautiful beaches ... I feel that I need to have a sense of Con Dao environmental protection to live in a fresh and beautiful place, attract more tourists to come here ... ..)

At the end of extracurricular activities on environmental and natural resources protection, pupils have collected garbage at Dam Trau beach and moved to gathering place for treatment. Not only contributes to making one of the beaches an ideal destination for picnics, swimming of local people and tourists more beautiful and cleaner;This activity is also to call people to raise awareness of environmental and natural resources protection to make Con Dao in particular and the "common house" of all humanity - the Earth be more beautiful.

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