To sign the plan for coordinating and preserving sea turtles at Dat Doc

Monday - 27/05/2019 12:44
To restore and preserve sea turtles at Dat Doc beach; Recently, Con Dao National Park  Management Board has signed the plan of coordinating the restoration and conservation of sea turtles at Dat Doc beach with Con Dao Resort (Six Senses Co.)

At the signing ceremony of National Park Management Board and Six Senses Con Dao

According to the signed plan, two sides will coordinate implementation of contents such as training the theory and practice of technical processes, methods of preserving sea turtles; organized patrol, inspection and protection of mother turtles laying eggs in Dat Doc beach and moving to hamlets; organizing waste collection, sanitation, floor leveling and creating favorable conditions for mother turtles to lay eggs; make a safe hatchery at Dat Doc beach to move eggs back to the hamlet; examine, inspect and relocate eggs at the beaches on Con Son Island for incubation at Dat Doc;

As such, when sea turtles spawn at Dat Doc beach and 12 beaches on Con Son big island, such as: Mr Cau, Mr Dung, Mr Cuong, Dat Tham, Bai Bang, Dam Trau, An Hai, ... Con Dao FPD staff will relocate eggs according to technical process to incubation in Dat Doc beach to avoid harmful agents. Six Senses employees will then be responsible for protection, monitoring and inspection of the reservoir area. In particular, to ensure monitoring and inspection, the reservoir at Six Senses is equipped with two monitoring cameras for statistical work on marine turtle conservation.

From the beginning of 2018 up to now, there have been 4 mother turtles laying about 400 eggs at Six Dandelions. Six Senses has coordinated with Con Dao National Park to move eggs to the lake, drop the turtle back to the sea. The rate of hatching eggs is 100%.

Signing of plan to coordinate restoration and conservation of sea turtles at Dat Doc beach between Con Dao Resort and Con Dao National Park is not only to mobilize all resources from organizations, individuals in the task of preserving sea turtles and step by step socializing this work; develop a model of linkage between special-use forest management boards and tourism enterprises in conservation of species and habitats of sea turtles in service of biodiversity conservation and tourism business. This is also the form of promoting Con Dao's image to domestic and foreign tourists; at the same time, contributing to development of ecotourism, serving tourists to participate in watching turtles lay eggs but in the center of Con Dao.

A joint program to restore and preserve sea turtles at Dat Doc beach between Con Dao National Park and Six Senses Commune will have a 3-year implementation period (from 2018 to 2020).

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