Recorded from forest firefighting exercises of 2018

Monday - 27/05/2019 12:32
In order to raise the initiative in forest fire prevention and fighting - forest protection, strengthening leadership and management capacity in case of forest fires occurring in localities; In the morning of May 29th, Con Dao district held forest fire drills in 2018.

According to the scenario, training content consists of two parts: Operation command and firefighters.

After opening ceremony, delegates watched the clip operating in steering mechanism coordinated by District Radio- Television in coordination with Con Dao National Park Management Board. Subsequently, delegates moved to Dat Doc forest area to monitor the firefighters.

Location of carying out firefighters was in Dat Doc forest area –Ong Tong slope in hypothetical situation: while patrolling, forest rangers detected smoke in Dat Doc forest area so they approached the field. On one hand, control fire by hand, on the other hand report to forest fire department to timely apply for district support.

While waiting for support staff, forest rangers attempted to control the fire. However, due to strong winds, vegetation layer was so thick that the fire was out of control and spreading.

Meanwhile after receiving the order of Chairman of Con Dao district People's Committee to mobilize response force; Firefighters, district police officers, district Army Force Committees, Management Committees of public works, Executive Board of residential areas and enterprises in the area have quickly mobilized support staff, including 300 people divided into 3 firearms, 2 fire trucks, 2 tank trucks, hundreds of blowers, saws, water pumps, knives, rudimentary fire extinguishing tools, etc. to urgently control the fire.

Mr.Tran Hoang Thao, the forest protection group of residential area No.9, said: "When mobilized, masses of people in forest protection zone 9 have actively participated, full and timely, engaging with high responsibility because the work of forest fire prevention is very important, especially for Con Dao ...).

At the scene, fire extinguishing and fire fighting forces both use rough raw materials to distribute fire prevention runways. After two hours of fire extinguishing efforts of the forces, the fire is completely controlled, ensuring the safety of people and means of firefighting.

Major Pham Truong Giang, Deputy Head of Con Dao Rescue and Fire Brigade Forces, said: "The firefighting forces are very active, enthusiastic and in line with the plan. However, number of forces deployed in the field is still confusing, not compliant with the orders of the commander, ... we will ...)

Con Dao district has an area of mountains and forests of about 6,400 ha, accounting for over 80% of natural area, including special-use forests and protective forests. In the middle of the sea, Con Dao is a green lung, playing a very important role in environmentprotection, fresh watersupply for daily life, production and business of people on the island. Besides, Con Dao forest also has a rich varied fauna and flora, a miniature picture of natural forest of Vietnam. This is strength for the district to develop ecotourism.

Being aware of role and importance of Con Dao forest, in the past time, forest fire prevention and fighting has always been considered by all levels and sectors of the island as an urgent task to protect forest resources. In which, one of measures to prevent and fight forest fires is to carry out forest fire drills in order to improve the capacity and ability to control forest fires and to reduce the risk of forest fire and forest fire fighting in a timely and effective manner tominimize damage caused by forest fire. At the same time, improve capacity, awareness and responsibility for Party committees, authorities at all levels, other departments as well as for forest owners and local people.

Mr.Nguyen Khac Pho - Director / Head of Forest Protection Unit of Con Dao National Park - said: (From interview: This is the district scale exercise, very meaningful ... Thanks to the attention of all levels, strict cooperation of forces, it reaches effectiveness and the set goal. For forest rangers, we need to increase the role and responsibilities of forest fire prevention and firefighting.)

At the end of rehearsal, forest firefighting steering committee held a meeting to review the experience: Thanks to careful preparation and close coordination between forces, the training was successful. Scenario fires simulate the reality of the local. However, through deployment of real soldiers showed that exercise has some limitations such as some units involved in fighting are still confused, not sure about the content and nature of the situation; The content of situation report is not close, not unified, much depends on the script; lack of labor protection to equip the grassroots firefighting force ... At the same time, Maneuvering Board also proposed Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Fire Prevention and Fighting Police, Provincial Forest Protection Department to take care,

Equipping Con Dao with portable fire fighting equipment, Should rehearse every 3 years instead of the current 5 years; request the District People's Committee to direct the concerned agencies to survey, propose to install additional water pylons along the road from Co Ong to Ben Dam and build fire water reservoirs throughout the district.

Speaking at expractation meeting, Mr.Le Van Phong - Chairman of Con Dao District People's Committee - emphasized: (Excerpt state: praising the forces participating in the rehearsal ...)

Through forest firefighting exercises to help local authorities take initiative in good fire prevention, effective fire fighting and preparation to deal with forest fires, minimizing damage to people and property caused by forest fires in the district. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for Con Dao district to review, supplement and complete local forest fire prevention and fighting plans; In particular, attention should be paid to the prevention of forest fire and fighting according to the guideline 4 on-the-spot (on-site forces, local means of transport, on-site command and on-site logistics); to intensify inspection work and promptly detect and strictly handle organizations and individuals violating regulations on forest fire prevention and fighting; to well combine socio-economic development with defense maintenance, political security and social order and safety.

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